Engineering learning how determine current using Norton’sEngineering learning how determine current using Norton’s

Engineering is essential to the development of the world,
its impact in industry, agriculture and technology has changed the way we live
and learn. It’s a field that goes beyond electricity and electrical components
which makes engineers invaluable in their use to society. As the economy
requires more and more engineers I believe that studying an engineering degree
will help me elevate my knowledge in electrical engineering and its
implications in other fields of work, my interest in engineering started in year
10 when I shadowed an engineer at Mercedes Benz for 2 weeks at my work
experience. Spending summers holidays in India made me realise how power
outages affected many lives, compared to a developed country where electricity
plays a massive part in the modern world and having that  positive impact on people is something I
would like to fulfil.

University will be a platform for me to grow to become a
highly skilled and qualified engineer, will help me innovate society, solve the
problems to come in the present and future. I am currently at Peterborough
Regional College studying Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in
Electrical/Electronic Engineering. Studying subjects including micro systems,
further electrical principles has deepened my understating of electrical
engineering. In particular micro systems My favourite subjects on the course is
further maths and electronic circuit design and manufacture  as they consists of combining practical
engineering and mathematical theory to solve problems .Further electrical
principles is a subject I am very keen on, learning  how determine current using Norton’s theorem
as well as recording data for cut off frequencies etc. This has led me to be
able to collect and read data for better analysis when fixing circuits .This
course has enhanced my understanding of electrical engineering and the skills
needed with it to excel in further education and draw me closer to be a
successful engineer or work in industry and have provided me with a strong
foundation in which I can build on. As my strength is in maths it will help me
through this degree and all the dexterity and attributes I have gained from my
level 3 diploma when I complete the course will contribute to my studies and give
me a head start into my degree.

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 For my Level 3
Diploma final year project I am making a collision avoiding robotic car this
will demonstrate the potential of the product I am developing and be a basis
for future development in advance safety systems. I have chosen to make this
for the prevention of fatal accidents from oncoming vehicles. This can be
modified or further developed to be used in industry or for other
potential   applications. Undergoing a
project like this showed me how to organise workloads, present, plan and report
writing, independent learning, research and budgeting money key skills that
will acquire me to excel in a degree course.

Outside of my academia I worked at Sainsbury’s
as an assistant manager which has taught me many skills on communication and
leadership skills along with responsibility for myself and others and how
motivation is essential for a good work ethic. This shaped me into an
individual who can work in pressurised situations as an individual and as a
team member. I have also participated in many activities from organising
charity events and sponsored cycling races for charity. My insight in circuit
building, circuit design and understanding control systems of any equipment
will be a great advantage to my further studies. I consider myself to be a
hardworking enthusiastic individual who is motivated by challenges and can
benefit from new experiences, I feel that a University degree in engineering
will give me a great foundation for my future and my career