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Entertainment is a significant aspect of life and it is a great source
of relaxation for audience, which turns their leisure time into fun and gives
them a sense of happiness. It’s a type of delightful activity which helps
people to get break from their monotonous schedule. Nowadays people create
their own source of entertainment, like movies, sport tutoring, games, internet
and cartoons. To mention three of them which are very popular in people, they
are: the movie theaters where people can enjoy, sports which is an excellent activity
for health and music which is magical source of inspiration for people. These
kinds of entertainment will give refreshment to us and relax us to get more

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        To begin the
movie theater is a great medium for entertainment. It is a commercial business
that generates a considerable amount of money for both the actors and the producers
along with entertaining audience. Indeed, recreation is a vital part of life,
and film theater provide that opportunity. Some people watch it for fun, to
relax them, pass the time or because everyone else is doing so. Also, the
audience laughs together, applauds and shares almost the same emotions at a
time. In fact, nowadays most of the movies are made with the aim of spreading
certain message to the society. For example, it should help the growth of a
healthy society by showing films which focuses on several important aspects.

sports play a great role in our lives as it keeps us strong, healthy and active.
Naturally, people’s first aim should be healthy and fit with the benefits of
sports. Due to this fact nowadays, lot of people are involved in sports in
which they are interested. As an example, imagine that there is a car which has
not worked for years, and if you try to run the motor engine, it will not work
efficiently anymore since it has been rusted and its engine may be broken down.
If we don’t do any physical activities, then our body becomes inactive and we
start to suffer from health problems. In addition, sports balance our body’s
blood pressure and circulation. This is the most important benefit of sports and
thus a huge number of people are indulged in sports.

           Finally, music
is one of the most important and powerful things in life for mental peace.
Music acts as a supporting component to our soul and helps us to relax our
mind. The people of the older times love classical, folk, and traditional music.
While different music is popular among different age groups like hip-hop, rock
and pop. People love to hear music while they are driving car, while cooking,
or even while they are working out in gym. For example, for me, it plays an
important role in my life which helps me to keep calm and provides me joy.
Music is hidden beauty in the sounds around us and magical source of

conclusion, Entertainment Industry has a wonderful influence on our society. It
gives us a break from our regular life and feels more energetic and positive.
Hence, everyone should find and keep themselves indulged in some kind of