Environment faced various environmental problems which haveEnvironment faced various environmental problems which have


A general social issue is carbon emission which for
Honda has both a social dimension and a value chain impact on the society.

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Honda created a CVC (compound vortex controlled combustion) engine in the
1970’s that complied with the ”Muskie” clean air act, which was thought of as
impossible at that time in the United States of America. Later on, in 1992,
Honda motors defined their fundamental approach to reducing their environmental
impact at every stage of their product lifecycle. In March 1995, Honda motors
established a world environment and safety committee into their management
which oversaw and developed major plans for the environmental conservation on a
global scale. Since then, the committee has been conducting programmes of
annual performance reviews, therefore, establishing an environmental management
system that performs at all levels from international scale to local

Environmental issues are always prioritised because
it could hurt the both the firm and the community. Because Honda is a
multinational company, it is faced various environmental problems which have an
impact on it corporate operations. There are assigned officials within Honda
motors that are In charge of the regional operations to see to the affairs of
the respective local environmental committees.