Eugenics is used and it is notEugenics is used and it is not

Eugenics is a social philosophy promoting the improvement of human hereditary traits.This is made possible by advocating higher reproduction of more desired people and traits andreduced reproduction of less desired people and traits. The underlying purpose of Eugenicsserves to eliminate diversity to promote a more homogeneous society. For these reasons, Idisagree with the beliefs of Eugenics.The American eugenics movement was based on the ideas of Sir Francis Galton. Hebelieved that the social positions of the upper -class people were due to superior geneticmakeup. This movement received extensive funding from corporate foundations like theCarnegie Institution and The Rockefeller Foundation.After the eugenics movement was wellestablished in the US, it moved to Germany. Hitler had very different idea than we did, inwanting to wipe out an entire race of people, but many ideas engineered by the Nazis wereinspired by om American eugenics movement, Eugenics can be used to wipe off the “unwanted”group of people which are poor, mentally ill, blind, deaf, developmentally disabled, promiscuouswomen, homosexuals and entire racial groups. Eugenics will be hurting the diversity in oursociety.On the other hand, Eugenics is able to detect fatal diseases and birth defects. Eugenics canlead to other scientific discoveries as well . Although Eugenics can be used as a helpfulscientific discovery people have used Eugenics to eliminate certain types of races andethnicities. In Nazi Germany Hitler used Eugenics as an excuse to conduct the Holocaust. Hitlerbeliefs in Eugenics were that the strong and racially pure should be encouraged to procreate.This would eliminate other “unworthy” races he thought during the Holocaust. Many people canuse Eugenics either for health reasons for the wrong reasons.In conclusion, Eugenics can be a very harmful thing for many races and can be usedunethically. We have seen in the past how Eugenics is used and it is not a positive manner. I donot agree with the process of Eugenics.