Everybody’s Both PSE&G and JCPL have solarEverybody’s Both PSE&G and JCPL have solar

Everybody’s home, whether in New Jersey or in any other corner of the world, should be a place where you experience high relief. However, the threat of global warming continues to strongly affect and interfere with the way people live. Unfortunately, even the most technologically-advanced companies have not yet discovered an antidote to global warming but have, instead, found means to mitigate the adverse effects of this phenomenon.For households in NJ who are still complaining about the steady escalation of their electricity or power bills, having professional installers set up solar panels in their New Jersey home could be the best solution – especially now that installation does not cost you anything. Both commercial sites and residential properties could greatly benefit from this efficicent power-producing and cost-effective technology. If you live in your own home it makes economic sense to consider this free renewable energy from the sun.15 year Solar LeaseThe 15 year Solar Lease through our finance partner Cosmic Energy Ventures takes advantage of the utilities solar programs. Both PSE and JCPL have solar programs which we have leveraged to offer you the shortest lowest cost solar lease in the state of New Jersey. Our 15 year fixed program is UNIQUE. All other lease programs are between 20 to 25 years and come with escalating prices. Our lease is attached and is locked at the same rate for the next 15 years after which your become the proud owner of the solar system.Ampericon offers you a wide array of other choices for going solar as well. The solar panel solar lease or PPA option lets you lower your electric bills by upto 40% without any out of pocket costs. If you are partial to purchasing your own solar system, you can read about our cash and financing options.There are some excellent purchase programs from the utility companies as well like the  PSEG Solar Loan and the JCPL Sungage program.Ampericon is a leading installer in New Jersey and has significant experience installing solar panels in homes supplied by New Jersey’s largest power companies PSE&G and JCPL. We are one of the top solar companies with expertise certified by PSE&G . Ampericon is capable of installing these solar panels at your own home and guarantees a professional and worry free install. Our years of experience in the field ensures that you are entrusting your NJ home to good hands. You can also check out the long list of residential properties and companies that Ampericon has worked with. The Solar PV Residential Lease section on our website has some exciting videos and FAQ’s.Accessible Solar EnergySolar Maximum is a local company based in Nyack, New York. Our mission is to provide high-performing, cost efficient, environmentally responsible solutions to address the energy needs of our customers.  We offer what few companies in the solar energy sector can – reliability and peace of mind.  At Solar Maximum, we’re there for you from start to finish to closely monitor your installation and to ensure your satisfaction. Even after your solar system is installed, you can depend on us for personalized attention and service for all of your post-installation needs.Solar LoansSolar loans are similar to other home improvement loans that homeowners have used for decades. The same basic structure of loans used for building a deck or adding a second bathroom to your house is used for solar investments. The principal, or money that you borrow from a lender, is paid off in monthly installments over an agreed upon period of time (the term) at an agreed upon interest rate. Solar loans also have the same primary considerations as other types of loans. The lower the interest rate of a solar investment, the lower the overall costs. Loans with shorter-term lengths generally will have higher monthly payments, but lower costs over the life of the loan. There’s one significant difference between solar loans and other home improvement loans. A solar credit allows you to own an asset that generates substantial savings. These savings include not only the value of electricity generated by your solar panel system over its lifespan, but also the 30% federal tax credit and other applicable rebates and incentives (like SRECs). A new kitchen or deck does not offer those benefits. Cash PurchasePurchasing a new PV system with cash is the fastest way to obtaining free electricity.  If you are primarily interested in maximizing the financial benefits of installing a solar panel system and can benefit from reducing the amount of federal and state taxes that you pay, then this could be your best option.The Benefits Of Solar Energy Independence?    Solar combats global warming and lessens our dependence on fossil fuels.?    Solar puts more money in your pocket not the utility.?    You can lock in your rates and control your costs.?    6 kW of solar eliminates over 10,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.?    Each kilowatt installed is equivalent to removing almost 2.3 cars from the highway.1. FEASIBILITY ANALYSISWe will answer any of your initial questions and discuss your various solar options. We will also ask you to provide us with some information; your address, electrical usage, and a description of your roof shading, roofing materials, condition, and age.2. COMPREHENSIVE PROPOSALAfter we analyze your roof, electrical bills, and your current goals, we provide a full proposal that details everything you need to know to make an informative decision.3. SITE EVALUATIONMany of the characteristics of successful solar installations are site specific.  We perform a thorough site survey of your prospective system location with the proper instrumentation to assess all required parameters.4. ENGINEERING & PERMITTINGThe next step to a successful solar electric system installation is to ensure that your system is designed correctly.  We utilize engineers trained in solar system design, structural engineering, and electrical engineering to provide the system we plan is right for you and meets all federal, state, and local codes.  Once the design is complete we work directly with NYSERDA, your local utility and your local building department to obtain all necessary permits prior to installation.5. INSTALLATION OF YOUR SYSTEMOnce your solar system has been appropriately designed, the next step is to ensure that it is installed safely, at a time convenient for you and in accordance with applicable building and electrical codes.  All of our installers are fully licensed and NABCEP certified, so you are ensured the best installation practices.6. ENERGIZING & CONTINUOUS MONITORINGAfter the installation is complete and the local utility and municipality have approved the facility, your system can be placed into operational mode and you can begin to enjoy the benefits of clean, solar energy.  You can be rest assured that your order will operate at peak performance as we continuously monitor the system for any issues.  It is highly unlikely that something will happen to your system, but if there are any issues, we will be onsite to fix them right away.