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Everyone knows and admits that “Life isn’t and can’t be a bed of roses”. Ups and downs, highs and lows are the critical parts of our life and honestly, these extreme elements are what makes us stronger and push us on in life. Mary Tyler Moore once said “Pain nourishes our courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” There are, definitely circumstances that just don’t favour us in life and we often end up thinking “Am I never going to get up again?”I am sure that everyone has felt the same way as I did before, feeling devastated when life strike you hard. But does that mean that we should give up? Just give up and accept the defeat? Just stop trying anymore? The answer is a “No”. We should rather have faith in ourselves and keep going forward, have the belief that a second chance is waiting not too far away to gives us an opportunity to start afresh and makes thing happen for us. Failure isn’t about the falling down but the staying down.  Getting back up after failures is what we call “living”.I know, there are people who always thought that life never gives second chances, and what I want to say is to look beyond what your eyes can see and mind can think and let there be hope. No matter how hard life hit us, the key to success is to have hope, to trust that second chances do exist and that we can turn over a new leaf and start our life afresh. Second chances may not be the guaranty that you can go back in time, put right your past mistakes and get whatever you want, but undoubtedly, it provides an assurance for us to put in our best efforts again that was lacking the first time you tried and failed. So instead of feeling despair and useless, let there be a ray of hope – hope to get that “hard-to-get” second chance which may transform your life into what you wanted and worked hard for.Have you wondered why despite going through a fatal accident, some still manage to survive and get their life back together? It’s because they didn’t lose hope and always had the trust that life would give them a second chance to live. Second chances are what brings about changes and new meanings to our existence, help us regain our lost confidence and allow us to rise upon in ashes, just like Phoenix. Life isn’t all about trying, failing and then regretting forever but about believing that ‘this is not the end of the road’.  Let there be hope for a second chance, and once you get it, you make the most out of it.  Worst is just an obstacle we faced before we get to the best. Like the saying goes “Every second chance is an opportunity to turn your life around”.Life is too short to immerse ourselves in regrets. So stop regretting and think that “That’s it. My life is over.” But get up, wash up and restart, let there be hope for you and believe that second chances do exist and they will come.Life always gives a second chance, only if you could trust.Thank you