Everyone to fix it, they both goEveryone to fix it, they both go

Everyone lies on the ground after the judge collapse that was made by Kai his magic. Damon tried to heal Elena with his blood, but she gave no reaction! Alaric cradles Jo’s dead body in his arms lamenting that this can’t be happened. Damon worried about Elena and take her to the hospital. In the meantime Kai’s family converge on him, chanting a Gemini spell to send him to a prisonworld. Before they finished Kai kills himself and so died his whole family. Elena lies on the hospital bed and has a dream about Alaric and her. Alaric takes all his anger out on the training doll and burst into tears. Elena walks to him and tell him he must keep on fighting. Back to the reality Damon is calling Bonnie to tell her Jo died and Elena won’t wake up. Bonnie is confused because Kai stole her blood for some reason. Back to the wedding where Kai woke up from dead and is became a vampire. In a few minutes he was already bitten by werewolf Tyler. Damon offers to get a cure if Kai tell him what he did to Elena. Kai say: “Go to Salvatorhouse and take the camera from prisonworld, there I have explain in a video. There arrived watch Bonnie and Damon the video. Bonnie’s life is linked by Elena’s. As long as Bonnie lives, Elena will stay a sleep. And when anyone find a spell to fix it, they both go dead. Bonnie is furious and goes immediately to Kai to push him make the spell undo. But Kai’s reaction was only a laugh. Then Damon beheaded Kai from backwards. Kai is dead now. In Elena’s head she see Damon lie on the road where she first met. She walks to him and say to him that she knows something bad has happened. Damon tell her what Kai did.The next day everyone goes to the Salvatore house. They put Elena in a coffin they say goodbye in turn. Bonnie is the first one, Caroline takes Bonnie’s hand en lay it into Elena’s hand. So can Bonnie talk to Elena in her memories.The three had a sleepover in there memories. Elena ask them to write all the things that happens to them when she is asleep, so can she read it when she wake up. Then Bonnie apologize to Elena for this and then they say goodbye. Then is the turn to Matt. Elena and Matt stand on the bridge where they had a crash. She say: “Matt I hope you become the cop you want to be and fight for good people.” Against Alaric she say: “Let yourself drown in your tears and then you start to swim and get stronger.” Outside the dream/vision arrived Jeremy her brother to say goodbye. He grabs her hand and get a memorie where Jeremy told that everything goes oke. In another vision with Tyler she say he need to leave Mystic Falls and embrace his werewolf side. And then finally is the turn to Stefan. He cries and see them by the quarry. She