Everyone’s several hundred dollars, so the bestEveryone’s several hundred dollars, so the best

Everyone’s Guide to Cancer TherapyEveryone’s Guide to Cancer Therapy by Dollinger, Rosenbaum, and Cable contains excellent general information on cancer and its staging and treatment, with a chapter about each kind of cancer written by an expert in that type of cancer. This is a really excellent place to get basic background information on cancer and its treatments. Reading this will definitely help you to understand other information you find, and help you ask the right questions. Everyone’s Guide does give survival statistics in rather blunt terms; if you’d rather not see the statistics, then stay away from this book.Cancer CureCancer Cure (Formerly If the President had Cancer…) by Gary Schine with Ellen Berlinsky, PhD. (1994 Kensington Books, NY, NY IBSN 1-57566-024-5) This book, by a man who saved his own life by researching his options, covers such topics as getting second opinions, working with your doctors, clinical trials, getting information from the NCI and searching the medical literature. It is available from Sandra Publications, 39 Brenton Ave. Providence, RI (800) 346-3287 or from your local bookstore. Schine also runs a literature search service for cancer patients. For more information, see the Schine On-Line Web Site. See my article on Medical Search services for a review of this and other search services.Cancer: Principles and Practice of OncologyCancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology by Rosenberg, Hellman, and De Vita is the premier oncology textbook. It is highly technical and quite dense, but there is a wealth of information on each kind of cancer. This book is updated frequently and costs several hundred dollars, so the best bet is to look it up at the local medical library. Be sure to get the latest edition – many libraries will have several outdated versions in addition to the latest. The best thing to do is copy the chapters that apply to you, and read them at your leisure.Patient-Centered Guides from O’Reilly and AssociatesThe “Patient-Centered Guides” is not a single book but rather a series of books from O’Reilly and Associates. There are guides to quite a few specific cancers, most of them written by patient advocates. If there’s one for your cancer, you’ll do well to get a copy! There are also guides to more general topics such as clinical trials, living with cancer, and working with your doctor. See their Catalog for a listing of available books. Incidentally, O’Reilly and Associates is well known to every computer nerd (like me!) for their extensive series of essential technical books.