Evicted are disconnected from nonpayment each year.Evicted are disconnected from nonpayment each year.

Evicted by Mathew
Desmond outlines the different economic and political exploitation that are
faced by people in the town of Malikwaukee. 
He follows eight families in Milwaukee as they struggle to pay their
rent due to their insufficient income. In the second chapter we are introduced
to Sherrena Tarver who runs her own business of renting properties to people
living in poverty. Desmond in this chapter discusses the complexities and
difficulties of housing conditions faced by people in poverty specifically of
black race. This is due to fact that they are not included in proper homeownership
or public housing. In this specific chapter Sherrena must evict Patrice and her
three children who are unable to pay their rent.



Through this chapter
the author showcases How homeownership benefit some people while it put others
in a disadvantage. He also showcases why evictions are common and the
underlying causes. Many of these causes of eviction include job loss or
insufficient money to pay the rent or poverty rates rising from 28% in 1980 to
42 % in 1990 ( Desmond, pg 30).  He
states that at least 50,000 households are disconnected from nonpayment each
year. The city also during the cold month puts a prohibition on disconnections.

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I think Mathew just in
the second chapter showcases how poverty, job loss, eviction rates have doubled
in the city of Malikwaukee. I think he makes quite a valid argument showcasing
the different reasons for evictions and how they can affect people especially
black people. Desmond makes a strong argument that poverty and a city’s own housing
policies is crucial that needs to address. 
Especially since high cases of eviction can lead to other effects such
as homelessness, mental health, inability to find other homes due to eviction
history. For example, another character Arleen who has a
history of being evicted makes it hard for her to find a rent and effects her
children who often have to change schools, are left hungry and homeless.