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Executive Summary

The growth of mutual funds has been phenomenal. The
mobilization of funds by mutual funds has been on the rise since 1964. When
mutual fund market was thrown open to the private sector in 1993, the corpus of
mutual fund in India has swelled tremendously. Mutual Funds (MF) have become
one of the most attractive ways for the average person to invest their money.
It is said that Bank investment is the first priority of people to invest
their savings and the second place is for investment in Mutual Funds and
other avenues. A Mutual Fund pools resources from thousands of investors and
then diversifies its investment into many different holdings such as stocks,
bonds, or Government securities in order to provide high relative safety and returns.
This study is divided in 2 parts – 1. Comparative analysis of Mutual Fund &
2. Investor’s perception towards Mutual Funds.

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For Investors
perception towards Mutual Funds

Sampling method is used to collect data. (INSERT NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS AND CITIES) A structured
questionnaire was given to 300 respondents of
the selected cities via google forms. The study is divided into FIVE chapters. The first chapter consists of introduction and
deals with history of mutual fund, types of mutual funds, advantages and
limitations of mutual funds. The second chapter deals with review of
literature. Third chapter consists of Research Methodology. The sixth chapter
gives the conclusion of the Study and gives suggestions based on the findings.

For Comparative
analysis of Mutual Funds


The main objective of the project is to get an overview of
Mutual Fund Industry, its setup, its working and to analyse the selected Mutual
Funds based on the risks and returns and various parameters, on various schemes
available to customers. There are many improvements pending in the field
relating to Mutual Funds and it has to happen as soon as possible so as to call the Mutual
Fund industry as an organized and well-developed sector. The past performance
of MF is not necessarily indicative of future performance of the scheme and no AMC
guarantees returns and or safety of principal.