Existing system and its demeritsIp camera basedExisting system and its demeritsIp camera based

Existing system and its demeritsIp camera based solution is proposed wherein the policetrace the records of the theft once it has happened. Noproposal has been provided till date to detect on the spot andcapture the culprits immediately as the Ip cam only records thevideo footage and no intimation of the theft is given to thepolice personnel.The recent survey states that there is 1 burglary every 13seconds across the world.There are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year and amongthose nearly 66% are home break-ins.The proposed system eliminates these risks by providing ahigher level of security to the house owners as it deals notonly with burglary involving door break but also the entry ofrobbers from any part of the house.III. OVERVIEW OF PROPOSED SYSTEMA. Block DiagramThe entry to the house is secured in two ways. First isthrough the door. The entrance door has a PIR sensor whichdetects the presence of person at the entrance for more thanthe prescribed time.Fig.1. Block DiagramSecond is through roof top and underground tunneling.Four sensors viz. a PIR sensor a sound sensor a vibrationsensor and a temperature sensor are present in the house. Ifany of these sensors detect uneven events in the house thesensor output is fed to the Raspberry Pi and it activates thecamera and captures the event. Using the IoT module thecaptured event is placed on the webpage and using the GSMmodule an alert sms and a phone call is sent to the owner.B. Operating strategyAs explained earlier the security system is operated at twostages.The first stage is at the entrance door. Here the PIR sensoralert is the primary input of the model. When the PIR sensordetects the uneven event i.e a person near the door for morethan prescribed time interval it immediately activates thecamera and places the footage on the webpage and also sendsan alert sms and phone call to the owner.The second stage is entry of intruder from other parts ofthe house. This process consists of four sensors viz. a PIRsensor, a vibration sensor, a temperature sensor and a soundsensor.? The PIR sensor detects the human activity insidethe house? The vibration sensor is used to detect any of thevibrations caused by the intruder? The temperature sensor detects the change in theroom temperature due to the entry of any humanbeing? The sound sensor to detect the unwanted noisecreated during the intrusion time.If any of these sensors detect an unusual event inside thehouse the information is sent to the Raspberry Pi and thecontroller section immediately activates the camera and poststhe live footage in the webpage. It also alerts the owner andother prescribed numbers regarding the intrusion.Upon viewing the video if the owner finds that theintruder is guilty the event footage can be sent to the policepersonnel immediately during the time of intrusion along withthe map and address of the house so that action is taken at thesame time.C. Work Flow of the ProjectThe first stage is at the entrance door, where the PIRsensor is present. As shown in Fig.2. When a person stands formore than a particular time interval alert is sent to thecontroller section and then the camera is activated and thevideo is posted on the web page and an alert message with aphone call is sent to the owner of the house.Fig.2. Flowchart at the entrance doorThe second stage is the entry from other parts of the house. Asshown in Fig.3. four sensors are present inside the house.When any of these sensors detect any uneven thingshappening in the house i.e any sort of intrusion from any par