February decided it was finally time. SoFebruary decided it was finally time. So

February is the month of love and romance. It is a time when people decide to watch the sappy movies that are so adored by millions. On the other hand, if you are anything like me, this genre brings only pain and suffering while you endure viewing the despairing events occurring in front of you, tissue box in hand. The 2004 film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel “The Notebook” is a classic romance film that if you have not already watched, should be at the top of your movie bucket list. The film plot surrounds the events in the lives of a poor young man who crosses paths with a wealthy young woman, and they soon form a seemingly unbreakable bond. The actors cast in this movie raised my initial expectations higher than they were before having actually seen it, considering it starred 24-year-old Ryan Gosling as the main character, Noah, alongside an equally talented Rachel McAdams acting as his love interest, Allie. The main two actors in The Notebook are, even in modern day films, regarded as some of the best, which caused for this movie to be one for the books; Considering it is adapted from a literary piece. Young Ryan Gosling had been acting since childhood and was already well known having previously starred in The Believer and The Slaughter Rule while Rachel McAdams Mean Girls and The Hot Chick.  I had previously purposely gone out of my way to avoid watching this movie due to the sole reason that I am a crier, too easily upset at the sight of anything remotely saddening. Despite this I am still a fan of the genre and since this is truly a classic love story people recommended, I decided it was finally time. So on a late Friday night, with my tissue box prepared, I clicked play. Twenty minutes in and with tears streaming down my face I paused realizing that this was most likely how the rest of the movie would go. The Notebook is a classic boy meets girl love story in which a couple if faced with obstacles that they overcome to in the end prove that love conquers all. Although I enjoyed the movie as far as the acting, the originality is an aspect that I was not fond of. Throughout the film I  felt as if I was watching a remake of a remake of a remake. This is most likely caused by the number of romance movies that I have watched and in general they are all similar in the specific feature that they are solely about love. I did enjoy the movie though, especially during the parts where my eyes cleared up and I could actually see again. I do recommend this film if you are a hardcore romance genre fanatic and enjoy these types of films. Regardless if you are a lover of romance movies or stick to films that are completely on the other side of the genre, The Notebook is a classic romance book and movie that is solid and enjoyable to viewers everywhere.