FINAL be characterized by wealth, owning propertyFINAL be characterized by wealth, owning property


Comparison: Social Inequalities between two different individuals

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                   ( Crissy Moran )                                             ( Pawan Baraik )

This is an assignment which deals with a comparison between two different people in the context of Social-Cultural Differences and Inequalities. And the aim of this assignment is to find out the background of these two real individuals in the form of a case study by critically analyzing their differences as much as possible. Also, which will help us to improve and expand our sociological knowledge.

Brief Introduction about both individuals –

·   Crissy Moran – She is a 42 year old woman, living in USA professionally worked  in the Adult Entertainment industry as a Pornstar for almost 8 years. But she quit her job and became religious as Christian and also got married.

·   Pawan Baraik – He is a 22 year old Indian male, migrated from India to Poland for his Maters studies. He is a student and financially dependent on his family.


Comparison on the Basis of –


a)      Class Order

Class is Based on economic Factors, Most societies seem to be characterized by wealth, owning property at one end and masses of people in abject poverty and lacking in almost everything at the other.

As my both subjects Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik come from different nationality with a different class order system, if I differentiate:

Crissy Moran, she was a leading former pornographic model and an actress, she was employed doing her job and earning money by her own. She says ” I earned about 20,000 $ in a month, easy”. She had done more than 50 porn movies, but after she left the porn industry nearly a decade ago and said she has not received any profits from the business since she left. She became unemployed. She started having a shortage of money to maintain the same of a lavish lifestyle. As she says “I had post-traumatic big time. I didn’t know how I could go out and pay my bills. I was used to paying for my nails, hair extensions.  To give that up was traumatic, extremely traumatic as I say.” Currently She works in a female clothing-and-accessories store as a stylist now. Also, she joined a Christian church in Los Angeles. She took various office jobs, including a job as a legal secretary. She worked for Treasures a faith-based non-profit that pastors to men and women in the sex industry. And she gave up dating for ten months. Today she has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars.

Therefore, to categorize in Class order Crissy Moran falls under Upper Middle Class in USA. Even though in consideration of comparison to other countries this is much higher money to define them elite because US Currency Dollar has higher currency value than other currency i.e. 1 USD = 63.61 INR. But in context of the USA where everyone earns money in US Dollar and much more than Crissy to be in the Upper Elite Class Group which much more wealth, power and luxury lifestyle.

Pawan Baraik, he is a student by profession and he is currently unemployed. Therefore now he is totally dependent on his family for the fulfillment of each and every needs. So, he will be categorized under his family wealth, property and income to be in a certain set of Class Order. His family lives in India and his father is the financial support system for every member of this family. Especially If I talk about India, India has different ways to put certain person in any class. In the past, India followed Caste System to distribute people by their work profile which continues hereditary. But today casts system is abolished and now it does not affect while defining Class of any person or family. He says ” My father is a retired army officer and till today also my father support me in every way possible.” He explains that his family is financially stable but not rich. He says ” I completed most of my studies through Scholarship and Merit grants, because I knew and understood that it will be tough to send both kids in private schools.” Currently, Pawan Baraik is living in Poland as an international student for his masters and after completing he will support his family by his earnings. He says ” Now also, I am studying with the help of Student Loan from an Indian Bank which is a liability for me.”

Therefore, to categorize in Class order Pawan Baraik is in the Middle Class in India. And in comparison to Crissy Moran there is a vast difference in Class Order. Because of this Class difference Crissy Moran has much finance, which gives her much power and advantage to afford and consume better services than Pawan Baraik. But, also the USA is much expensive than India to maintain it. Where as Pawan Baraik being Middle Class gets Government Financial Subside Support to enhance their lives. And being a part of the Army Family it has recognition and respect by the nation.


b)     Gender Order (and patriarchy)

Gender is a socially constructed definition of women and men. It is not the same as sex (biological characteristics of women and men) and it is not the same as women. Gender is determined by the conception of tasks, functions and roles attributed to women and men in society and in public and private life.

As my both subjects Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik are of different Gender in society, if I differentiate:


Crissy Moran, she is categorized a Woman in the society with its own Gender roles to follow. As we know that She choose to be an actress in the Sex Industry. She says ” In my pornographic career, I earned a good amount of money, but Men earned more than me, because of me.” She explains that while doing her job she was not treated equally because she was a woman. She also shares some story about her childhood and brought up, she says ” I was raised with the belief that sex was for marriage and, since my father said he would kill anyone who touched her.” She explains that she had lots of restriction and rules which she must follow because her father says so. Even when she steps into the Modeling Industry She faced a lot, she says ” Every director tried to use me because I was a Woman.” In one of the interview with Aleteia, She emphasized that leaving behind the male-dominated pornography business for Christianity was her path to peace.Her new line of work in retail. She sees women differently. “I love making women and girls look pretty. Women are so beautiful and everyone is different. It’s such an amazing job. I see the beauty in everybody. The first thing I used to see was the flaws”. Which also shows a true feminist side of her. Therefore, these all give a clear image of Crissy Moran overloaded with huddles and objection in the society because she was a Woman. In the USA there are many such cases where Women are discriminated in different platforms like salary scale, job positions, etc. As we all know that knowledge and experience is important to hire anyone for any position or designation but some time Gender effect while making the decision.


Pawan Baraik, he is a Man in the society. As this world is said to be a male dominated society which also leads us to history full of examples. Especially If I talk about his country India, where Masculine Gender has a suppressive control over women’s freedom in many ways, similar as various Muslim countries. He says ” In many families in India parents desire is to have a baby boy instead of a baby girl, this is not good.” Not only India but also other parts of the world has the same problem. He says “As a male, big brother of a family I got many opportunities in consideration of my sisters, even my sisters have to help my mother in household works while I am resting or studying. Even I got a chance to go abroad not her. , that’s not fair… Give them (Women) wings to fly”.


Therefore, Gender has a great effect in roles and responsibilities defined by the society to be followed. The reason behind such gender problem is ‘Gender Gap’ between Men and Women. Here, Crissy Moran faces problems because of being a woman, but got fame and  success in her life too. Whereas Pawan Baraik, being a Man he got advantages as a full support with objection to prove himself  to explore and grab opportunities.


c)      Racial Formation (ethnicity and race)

The term race refers to groups of people who have differences and similarities in biological traits deemed by society to be socially significant, meaning that people treat other people differently because of them. For instance, while differences and similarities in eye color have not been treated as socially significant, differences and similarities in skin color have.

Ethnicity refers to shared cultural practices, perspectives, and distinctions that set apart one group of people from another. That is, ethnicity is a shared cultural heritage. The most common characteristics distinguishing various ethnic groups are ancestry, a sense of history, language, religion, and forms of dress. Ethnic differences are not inherited; they are learned.

As my both subjects Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik come from different nationality with a different Race and Ethnicity, if I differentiate:

Crissy Moran, she is a Caucasian Hawaiian Descent. Also race called “Haole” is a term used in the state of Hawaii to refer to individuals who are not descendants of native Hawaiians or of other ethnicities that were brought in to work the plantations.She says “I don’t know so much about my roots but as my mother told me my great-grandfather was working in Hawaii and then came to USA.” Her birth name is Christina McMillan. Her parents came to Jacksonville, Florida, USA and Crissy Moran was born and living in the USA. She got Brown color Eyes and Hair from birth.


And if I talk about ethnicity she considers herself a White American. She says “America is my home country where I lived my whole life, I learned every culture and tradition from America… I am an American”. Crissy Moran lived in USA and learned every culture and tradition from there, her native language is American English. She says ” My mother knows few cuisine in which I love ‘Saimin’ from Hawaii which I love, but I don’t know how to cook.” In addition She use to wear all varieties of clothes in fashion in the USA. And about religion She says ” After my past image I now devoted to Jesus and Christianity”

On the other hand, Pawan Baraik is an Indian by both Race and Ethnicity. He has Black eyes and hairs. As Indian mostly has Brown skin tone, he considers himself Brown Indian. His ancestor were born in India and his roots are from a “Tribal group called ‘Adivasi’-  indigenous peoples of mainland South Asia, from the geographical region of Orissia, Bihar and Jharkhand.” He says ” I belong to Scheduled Tribe (ST) which is a caste in India, people of this tribe majorly do farming , fabric designing and weaving clothes.”


If we talk about ethnicity he is Indian or Modern Trible Indian. As we know India is a multi-cultural country with lots of language, religion and festivals. Pawan Baraik belong to Hindu-Sarna, the term ‘Sarna/ Sarnaism’ means “Religion of the Holy Woods”. He says ” I love my culture and tradition and especially different variety of traditional cuisine.”India has a great gastronomy which spread and popular all over the world. Also, He says ” My national language is Hindi and various other languages and dialects, I know a few of them.” In addition He told that he came to Poland as an International Student, so here he presents his identity as a foreigner or Non-resident person and shares his cultural values.   


Therefore, both Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik have a diverse Race and Ethnicity with depth cultural identity which is important for the country.Commonly, both know English Language. Here Crissy Moran has Western Value and belief where Pawan Baraik has India traditional value, but also a foreigner to represent the country and learning new culture and languages.


d)     Age Stratification and Generational Orders

Age stratification – hierarchical ranking of people into age groups within a society. Where Generational Order is a group of people as per generation phrase. As my both subjects Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik have different Age and generational order, if I differentiate:


Crissy Moran, She was born on December 22, 1975 And if we talk about her age / ageism she is 42 years old, as Adults. Also, if we categorize her into generational order She will fall under Gen-X (age 35-50).

Pawan Baraik, He was born on December 17, 1995 And if we talk about his age / ageism he is 22 years old, as a Youth. Also, if we categorize his into generational order he will fall under the Millennial (age 18-34).

Therefore, in both Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik have a hug 20 year age gap. On one side where Crissy Moran is going to be Bommer (50-69 age) within a few years on the other side Pawan Baraik has plenty of years to be in the same group till 34 years old. And this age affects their health and lifestyle.


e)      Nations

A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, ethnicity and/or psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.  A nation is distinct from a person, and is more abstract, and more overtly political than an ethnic group. It is a cultural-political community that has become conscious of its autonomy, unity, and particular interests. Nationality is a legal relationship between an individual person and a state.


As Crissy Moran belongs to the United States of America (USA). She is the citizen of USA because she got born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA and got every Rights and freedom related to the USA. Where on the other hand Pawan Baraik belongs to the country named India. He is a national citizen of India because he got born in Birsa Nagar, Jharkhand, India. And both cases, both get the individual citizen rights in their country. But, the USA is a developed Country and this Citizenship has more credibility as compared to other nations. But individuals have the right to vote for their country. Also, both countries do not declare Nation on behalf of ethnicity and languages.


f)       The Sexual Order

Persons sex is defined by the object of attraction to consider him or her – Straight Man, Gay Man, Lesbian or Straight Woman. As my both subjects Crissy Moran and Pawan Baraik are explained according to Gender, now they will be labelled by term Sex/ Sexual Order.


Crissy Moran, who was in porn Industry has this profession to be attracted by Male and give them service in camera. But to know the detailed information she told us about her desire and attractions. She says “I became sexually active at the age of 17, and became pregnant.” She also explains that she had lots affairs. She says “In my early twenties, I lived with several different boyfriends, all who broke my heart. Most boyfriends used porn, leaving me feeling as though I just couldn’t measure up. Pressured to look better, I had my breasts augmented. After endless breakups, and at an all time low, I started online dating, traveling from state to state to meet up with various men.”This proves her Sexual group is Heterosexual (Straight Woman).


Pawan Baraik, who is a student at the Univeristy of Opole. On this topic of the sexual Order he says ” I like girls admire them… Also, I dream one day one specially girl will be my life partner”. This shows that his Sexual group is Heterosexual (Straight Man).


Therefore, this statement concludes that both individual are straight attracted towards their opposite sex. But one of the individual ‘Crissy Moran’ is highly active to demonstrate her sexual identity and desire because of her ex-profession as compared to another individual.


g)      The disability and health order

Health and disability are such important factors with effects other sociological areas and interaction within the society. As my both individuals are not physically disabled, but in their life they had faced some health issues, which will differentiate them as –


Crissy Moran, she has a mental illness in the form of depression and trauma. In her life she cross various unbearable acts like, she says “I got molested at the age of 4 when my friends’ daddy took me into a bathroom. Inside, she said, the man assaulted me sexually. “He touched me and stuff like that,” she said, declining to elaborate. Also Crissy discovered she was pregnant. “I felt like God didn’t love me at all. When I was 17, I had an abortion,” she said. “If He loved me, He would not have let happen , what happened.”Also, Older boys touched her and older men leered at her, she said. “I just remember feeling like people looked at me in a sexual way, older men especially,” she said. Her working-class parents fought a lot. Her dad drank. When Crissy was 12 or 13, her parents divorced. Crissy saw the pornography business as the path to autonomy. “I thought it was very empowering at the time. You know, I had all these people who depended on me. I knew what to expect. I knew what shoots to do and who were the big players,” she said. “I felt I was above everybody else. People needed me.”Willing to do anything for “love,” she sacrificed anything to get it… even abuse. She met a man who took over managing her porn career and pushed her to do more hardcore shoots. For three and a half years of the seven years Crissy was in the industry, she was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with a man who took all over her money she earned. He was what people in the sex industry call a “suitcase pimp.”

On the other hand Pawan Baraik is mentally and physically fit. He says “In this month I did my health checkup, doctor said I am totally fine.” But when be ask about his own point of view about health and diseases, He says “It depends on prevention and precaution to avoid disease to attack us, also I was personally concerned about losing my obesity”.


Therefore, both statement shows they have some health issues as Crissy Moran was extremely suffered from mental trauma and depression but now she is recovering from it after retirement and living happily with her husband. And Pawan Baraik who is medical OK from doctors, but wants to improve his physical fitness to improve his lifestyle.—————————————–


Sources –

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Prepared By:-

Name – Pawan Baraik

Student Id no. – 124101

Stream – M.A. Sociology (Intercultural Communication)

Subject – Social Differention and Cultural Diversity (Final Assignment)

The University of Opole, Poland