Final daily usage is a negative impactFinal daily usage is a negative impact

Final project:Social Media has become a huge part of our life. It was made for a good use in our life but the amount of daily usage is a negative impact on us. Social Media is applications and websites that users use to create and share content or to take part in social media. Professor Stoney Brooks states ” personal social media usage leads to negative effects, both on efficiency and well being.” It has a huge impact on personal life, especially in the education field. Because we are unable to think life without social media as a result, there are no place where we go without our phone. Around the world more than one billion people are active on Facebook, more than hundred million people use Instagram every month, and one hundred fifty million people are using Snapchat daily. As social media get expanding that can also create the distraction on education field.        Education is really important to live the stable life in 21 century and in future. It is fact that without studying and focusing we are unable to succeed in education field. It is possible if we are mentally and physically appearance during school and colleges. Because students get a lot of assignments during the semester. So if they skip class or they don’t focus in class it will be very difficult for them to pass the class. As a result, the role of social media is playing in students daily life is affecting their grades.  According to Phys.Org They use 26 states of 674 graduate  and undergraduate students those are between 18 and 22 years old and they found that “Forty-one percent of respondents said that they spent up to 10% of their classroom time using digital devices for non-educational purposes, and another 20% reported spending between 11% and 20% of class time on their devices. Only 3% said they do not use a device during class for non-class-related activities on a typical day.”This shows that during the class time most people are on social media so that’s the way how social media is distracting students from focusing in class which leads to failing the class because they miss a lot of information in class. It is impossible to pay attention while using social media.Student failing class also is the reason for social media distraction they just come to sit in class and be on their phone. In the article Study. Not focusing on class and failing class also leads to students dropping out of school  ( where did u get this) because if the student misses one or two assignment during the semester it would be hard for them to catch up with their assignments.  So using social media during class is the way for  Students to harm them self because it isolates them from the world so their lives become shrink to all on one screen. In addition to this in Jasmine Plato’s blog, she  states that “students are not realizing the harm they are doing when they are taking 30 minutes to check their social  media network accounts when they are supposed to be working on a paper.” Basically, social media is the way to make each person mentally paralyzed. Such as, when we have problem instead of thinking we use different apps to solve the problems in second. That means we are giving full access to social media that control yourself psychologically, physically and emotionally.  Especially. Kids and teenager as belong to today’s world unable to imagines the life without social media.        In conclusion, not only students but everyone who uses a device and is active on social media should cut the number of hours they use social media. This can impact their life, education vise and mentally. Being on social media just wastes their time and they don’t realize that.