First, rifle gunfire range. It’s the lowersFirst, rifle gunfire range. It’s the lowers

First, there’s the unwieldy penguin walk – some strangle a titter naming it a spaceman’s stroll, it’s agonizing no matter what you name it — as qualifiers drove into the air rifle gunfire range. It’s the lowers and the congealed sheathings that the shooters wear. Then, there are a hundred parts of the gun, some of which get scattered around even in the salver of the most scrupulous of operators on a range. Increase the intricacy of handling that three times better, for each of the kowtowing, prone and stand-up positions in 50m 3P. Elizabeth Susan Koshy, is looking forward to the month of January. “The month of January is going to be a very significant month both for myself and my profession. I have two national selection trials before my wedding and worthy results in those will benefit me to get a place in the national team for Commonwealth Games,” she said.

Hailing from a rifle background, Elizabeth was never into shooting in her initial years. Koshy Abraham, her father was an active member of the Rifle Club that he and his friends started in Thodupuzha, Kerala. Since it was more like a start-up, the club did not entice kids who wanted to take up shooting. Gradually the member’s kids were put on trial. Even though the shooting was just a time pass for Elizabeth, her talent in the shooting was soon recognized.

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Elizabeth Susan Koshy has gained heights in a very short period of time with her debut at the Junior meet in Germany, 2011 and also managed to bag five gold medals in Trivandrum, Kerala at the State championship in the same year. She participated in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and later won gold in the 2015 National Games and also bagged the title to be the  youngest finalist at Asia Olympic Qualifying Competition after which she kept the country’s name always high,

She has been fighting to find her orientations after an astral appearance at the National Games in 2015. After keeping aside a little time off to finish her bachelor degree exams, Elizabeth resumed to action to strive in three world cups this year but the result of her performances left her thwarted. “I realized that there was something wrong with my shooting and in no time I figured out that it was my position that went wrong while taking the position,” said Ms Koshy.

Nonetheless, a week-long campaign held in Chennai under the leadership of London Gold medallist Gagan Narang gained her confidence. Along with this, the strong support from Coach Anton Balak worked wonders for her. “My coach was always approachable for me indeed concentrated more on my flaws so that I can rectify them in my future performance,” said Ms Koshy. “I could recuperate my buoyancy and position after the camp. The training with Anton was really helpful” added Ms Koshy.

Elizabeth Susan Koshy is also looking forward to accomplishing herself with her new job with the Kerala Police and a place in the Indian shooting squad for the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) World Cup Finals. Speaking to her about the honour she received during the meeting with the state police Chief Loknath Behra, she recalls “It was a gallantry when I received the call. When he asked me if I can establish a team from among the Kerala Police force, I was delighted and was left with no words and grabbed the offer happily”

This young girl is now busy balancing her professional and personal life as the month of January approaches. “I hope everything goes smoothly by God’s grace. Fingers crossed” said Ms Koshy smiling. When asked if she would put an end to her career after her marriage she said “I will continue my profession even after I begin my new life and that is the first thing that I kept forward to my fiancé. He and his family is happy with my decision and indeed motivates me to perform well in my future”. Excited is her father, striking dates in the calendar counting down, he says “She will make Indians proud once again. Looking forward to seeing her perform on the field as well as in her new chapter of life”