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First, religion has been found to be a source of mental nourishments. Different systems of belief provide hope and optimism to the believers. This means that it has some psychological benefits. Due to the common belief that there is a supernatural being that is looking after their well being, believers are filled with hope that someday their problems will be dealt with and they will live at ease. People who are sick and have some spiritual belief, are optimistic that they will get well soon despite the condition (Vanhoutte , 50) . The result is that they may tend to respond to medication positively and not be bothered by the symptoms from the disease. There will be a sense of comfort among such people. Religion, gives a sense of belonging to the followers. Human beings are social creatures, they need to associate with others. Even though religion is believed to be a personal relationship between a supernatural being and an individual, it also brings a sense of togetherness. Those people who are considered to be very religious frequently go to their places of worship where they meet with people of same faith. The sense of belonging creates emotional uplifting. Some religions like Islam and Christianity have a common practice of caring for fellow believers. This means encouraging others who might be going through difficulties like death of loved ones, divorce and critical illnesses. This creates psychological benefit to the people because they feel someone cares for them. They feel that they have someone they can confide in. The social ties from religious gatherings offer a ground to support others emotionally and even materially. Research shows that those who have belief in a certain religion have very low chances of being depressed. Why? Because they have emotional satisfaction. They seek solace from practices like reading scriptures and singing religious songs. Other religious practices like going for a retreat and singing in the church can bring forth some sense of joy. Listening to the teachings of religious leaders as well gives hope to those who are discouraged.            Religion proves to avoid and treat certain physical health issues. It is very beneficial to the physical well-being of people. Spiritual meditation has been found to provide spiritual and mental nourishment which in turn leads to the improvement of both psychological and biological well-being of people. This practice has been found to reduce stress levels among the believers and created positive attitude towards life. Health issues like high blood pressure can be reduced through the practice and people are able to withstand pain. In addition, some religions are against social vices like smoking and drinking of alcohol. This means that the believers will not drink alcohol or smoke because their faith condemns it. Smoking, drug abuse and drinking are associated with many diseases if consumed in high quantity such as lung cancer and liver cirrhosis. Religion can help avoid such illnesses. Research conducted by Duke University Medical Center revealed that those who take part in religious activities especially the elderly, are 40% less likely to be diagnosed with blood pressure. It has also been found that people who have attachment to some spiritual belief have a strong immune system. Research conducted in 1997 by Duke University Medical Center found that, among 1,718 participants, those that were extremely spiritual were unlikely to have interleukin. Interleukin is a protein that is usually present in the immune system and is associated with different types of cancers. As earlier mentioned, religion brings more happiness and peace to people. The more people are peaceful and happy, the less the stress levels. This can translate to healthy and youthful-looking skin. Research shows that stress can lead to wrinkles. Therefore, emotional nourishment leads to a youthful and healthy skin which can make an individual feel very confident in their daily lives. Those who attend religious gatherings more than once a week are said to add seven years to their life. The belief in life after death helps shape people in becoming the best human being they can be. Many religions believe in life after death, such as Islam and Christianity. People spend their lives trying to behave morally with the hope that they will go to heaven after death or hell where they will be condemned for evil deeds. The Hindus believe in reincarnation where you become whatever your deeds represented in the next world after death. They also strive to be good to avoid being a worse person in the next world.            Lastly, religion helps in the spiritual nourishment of believers. Spirituality can be defined as the personal thirst to seek answers for questions about life like the origin of man. It makes human beings connected to something bigger than them which is their supernatural being. It gives meaning to life. People often find the answers to their purpose in this earth. They get the answers from religion. For Christians, human beings were created to serve God and obey him. Therefore, they believe that as long as they follow the directions that of bible, they will find happiness in this life and the next. When they go through tough times, they can connect that to their faith or what the religious scriptures tells them. Religion further nourishes the spirituality of people by giving them the guideline of how to live. Furthermore, the religious institutions ( Mosques, church etc ) help build a sense of belonging in the community. An individual that regularly visits these sites can experience many benefits that nourishes that soul. Practising said religion with another promotes healthy human interactions and the feeling of being needed by others. This includes how to relate with the people around them and the kind of food they should eat. For example, Hindus do not eat cow meat because to them it’s a sacred animal. The Muslims on the other hand do not eat pork because of the belief that it’s a dirty animal.            In conclusion, religion play a huge role in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of people. Being attached to some spiritual belief from childhood gives one the guidelines on how they should conduct themselves and what they should avoid doing. In addition, religious practises are à great tool to better yourself as an individual. They will experience hardship and are pushed by their greater purpose to overcome these challenges. Having seen the benefits that are attached to religious beliefs, it can be concluded that it is very beneficial for one to have some religious belief in their life.