Flipkart a minority stocks in navigation andFlipkart a minority stocks in navigation and

is a well-known electronic commerce company. Flipkart was just a 2-membered
embryonic idea to a 33000-membered company. It started in 2007 by “Sachin
Bansal and Binny Bansal” both are from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
and have prior experience in Amazon. They left Amazon to create their own
company. Flipkart started with books and popularized the idea of buying books
online in India from just being a startup of two the firm has managed to become
largest e-commerce retailer in India. The company stocks nearly 115 million
book titles and save 80% share of online book market.

to Sachin Bansal, CEO, Flipkart, daily sales are worth 2.5 crore and the firm
ships close to 30000 items per day. And as of April 2017, the company was
valued at $11.6 billion.

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per CEO, the firm aims to focus on customer satisfaction and ownership of
customer experience that has worked in favor.

biggest draw has probably been the huge discount it offers.

………………. of the founders and setting and managing the adding enormous number of
customers with their reviews and feedback has made Flipkart to reach such

2013, Flipkart ranked up $11 million in ……… But the
grown rate is staggering. Just seven months into 2014 it reached $100
million in revenue. And in 2015 sales were 10-fold, hitting the $1
billion marks, led by its ………………… product line, which accounts for 60% of
annual revenue. In the same year Flipkart bought a minority stocks in
navigation and startup ……… India to help …….. its ……… using ……India.

Flipkart also acquired few companies like Myntra.com,
LetsBuy.com etc., to better their presence in the market. With the entry of
Amazon.com in India, the competition between the companies has seen many
takeovers. Flipkart’s journey from a small book e-retailer to India’s
largest e-commerce platform inspires a generation of start-ups. In a country
where stereotypes are common, Flipkart managed to break the norm and change the
ecommerce industry in India forever. Flipkart’s story proves that if you have a
great idea, and you are a doer and not a thinker, success is not far off.

early days Flipkart’s biggest selling point was its lowest price and it brought
the first ……….. of each product category building tis base with suppliers and
customers and moving on to new one. According to him two parameters that play
major role in decision making

Customer’s acceptance for new ……..

Proper chain of supply to deliver new ………

they did differently…??

on delivery- using card for online payment was seen as ………, but use of Cash on
Delivery has added a potential customer to the firm.

day replacement guarantee- aimed at making customer happy, this feature has
boosted the sale of Flipkart to a …..value.

and price comparison- this feature comes handy in electronics where comparison
………. The decision for the customer. The reviews can be completely trusted.