Food grocery items, modern organized retail formatsFood grocery items, modern organized retail formats

Food consumption patterns in India are rapidly changing from
cereal-based food products to high-value food products and slowly from fresh,
unprocessed, unbranded food products to processed, packaged and branded
products. A strong economic growth has brought with it a new set of consumers
with sufficient disposable income, who are more conscious of the latest trends
in health and hygiene, particularly in the fast growing cities. To reap the
benefits of the changing buying behaviour of the consumers and their capability
for buying quality food and grocery items, modern organized retail formats are
growing at a phenomenal pace throughout the country. This has induced big
national and multi-national corporations to invest into organized retailing.

In the emerging Indian retail environment, this study
provides insights on consumers’ preferences of food and grocery products in
terms of product characteristics such as packaging and color code with the help
of primary survey data. High consumer ratings on the product attribute of contrasting
packaging along with freshness/cleanliness suggests that food retailing needs
to be customized as per their requirements. Results of the factor analysis of
various market attributes clearly indicate that consumers prefer a convenient
marketplace with additional service facilities.

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The purpose of this study is to check the relation between
the Aesthetics and the consumer behavior with the help of primary data
collection. Through all that process it’s verified that there is a strong
relation exists in Aesthetics such as Label, Design and color with the consumer
behavior in order to find its impact on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). The
sector chosen for research has a huge impact on everyone’s life. This study
will help the marketing managers to focus on such important elements while
planning for the packaging of products. Every marketing purpose can be gained
by the clear understanding of what a consumer think and then translating the
thoughts and dream of the customer on package. Marketers should be ever ready
to make changes if he has to keep pace with the changing trends. At present eco
and green land has been given a lot of importance. So a package of new design
and trend will be loved by all and it will give the maximum profit to the
organization. Due to the limitation and unavailability of resources the study
has to narrow down the scope of research to Lahore city only. It will help the
organizations while designing the package for products. This study will provide
the frame to Marketing Team of organizations to grab the attention on the
necessary elements.