Food is one of the most crucialFood is one of the most crucial

Food is one of the most crucial of all the basic needs in human life. For one to live, he or she must take in food that is digested, and its components are yielded for different specific purposes. The main components of food after digestion are carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins, and water. For proper functioning of the organism, food should be taken in adequate quantities on a daily basis. During the nutrition and dietary course, I have learned what functions each type of the nutritional chemicals performs, and what is the most important product for the healthy living. As learned in class, the carbohydrates give glucose, which is transformed into energy to maintain bodily functions and movements. The protein is the bodybuilding nutrient it enables growing and repairing worn out body parts and tissues. The vitamins enhance body’s resistance to diseases, while the minerals help in important processes of human body functioning like keeping nerves strong. Moreover, the course has changed my perception of the importance of water in the diet. Most people drink water only when being thirsty and therefore on chilly days one may take less than two glasses of water per day. As a result, the amount of water in the body will be inadequate, and hence this may strain the digestive tract. The course has reinforced my dietetic life, and I am going to drink about two liters of water for a healthy life.I also read lots of readings about food and diet. According to these articles, they broaden my horizon about food. I know the history of food in some regions and the deep meaning for the roles of food play in the cultural. Additionally, I learn to how to concentrate on food safety. How to avoid illness from eating, when to wash hands and proper handwashing and so on. Food safety is a lesson that requires everyone efforts to learn and applicate. To sum up, the course was useful and educative in terms of the rules of healthy eating. Having learned what each nutrient means and how it functions, it became clear what diet should I choose for myself. In my future studies, I would like to know the exact amount of food someone needs to take. To keep a healthy food lifestyle is so significant that I should spend a numerous time learning and practicing.