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For the past two weeks I have been attending Saint Louis College of Pharmacy, there I have been taking a class, that is coordinated and taught by Mrs.Stevens teachers. The class will provide an overview of the role of a pharmacy technician’s in various pharmacy settings. The scope of the class includes how to assist the pharmacist and the process of obtaining a national certification for pharmacy technicians. In other words, the class is preparing me and my classmates for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam, which will determine whether or not we receive our Pharmacy Technician certification. On the first week of my internship, we took it slow, since we first had to get to know one another and fill out a couple of important papers. Asides from this we had to get our picture and body measurements taken, for our ID badge and white coat. I also had the chance of getting to know the college a little better, to see where places were located, like the classroom, lab, bathrooms and the cafeteria. The first two days of my internship we began to learn about what exactly a Pharmacy technician is and their scope of practice. A typical schedule would be that we go over our homework from last time, then get into our lesson of the day. Afterwards, we head off to lunch, and when we return we go to the lab, where we put to practice the skills that we learned that morning. Therefore, I think that now we have a settled routine, that we will follow all the way up until we start our apprenticeship, which we will attend on Thursdays. For the apprenticeships we will have a list to choose from, choosing from Walgreens, CVS, Affinia, or Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Asides from predictable aspects of my internship, during the first week, by the second week we began to learn even more information about the life of a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician. The first time that we went into the lab pit task was to get used to the room and then to learn how to count medication, such as pills/capsules/tablets properly since when we go to our sites it will be a crucial skill to have already mastered. Asa class we learned about prescriptions and how to process their information. I learned that in order for a prescription to be considered as valid it would need to contain the prescriber’s information, such as name, title, office address, and telephone number, just in case they needed to be contacted, the DEA number. DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration prescriber registration number: A number assigned to the prescriber by the DEA that is required on all controlled substance prescriptions.  

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