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Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper shows us a lot of problems with drinking and driving. The one that is going to be shown is about  underage drinking and driving. Both in real life and in the book talk about drinking and driving. In real life young people may do the same thing that Andy did. Maybe they were younger than he was but people may do the same thing. You should never ever do it.          The punishment for drinking and driving in general is you won’t feel good and you  will feel sick most of the time. It is not good if you drink and drive because it is very, very dangerous. The saticstics for under age drinkings is they most likely to have died because of there alcohol blood level. The text states, “Young drivers (ages 16-20) are 17 times more likely to die in a crash when they have a blood alcohol concentration of .08% than when they have not been drinking.” The text also states, 70% of all teenagers admit to drinking alcohol. Every 15 minutes a teenager will die due to drunk driving. 60% of all teen deaths from car accidents involve alcohol. In a national survey conducted in 2011, 24% of teens reported that within the previous month, they had ridden with a driver who had been drinking alcohol. In 2010, 56% of teens killed in drinking and driving accidents were not wearing their seat belts.” If your friend is drunk and that is going to drive home you shouldn’t let them you probably should drive them home instead of them driving because they can hurt themselves and that will be bad. The text states, “Sometimes the newfound freedom is too much to handle responsibly and other times it’s as simple as peer pressure. Since teens usually have a low tolerance for alcohol and since they are also inexperienced drivers, all of these factors coming together creates a very dangerous situation.” that’s why teens drink and drive.          For Forged by Fire, does have that same connection. The story says, “Andy ran into a wall, there was an explosion, and they all got out except for Rob.” That is why you should not drink and drive. He loved Rob so much and he admired him but then he killed him and he feels so guilty and he feels so bad for it and he feels even worse when he became captain. They should have never got into the car when he was drunk or did they not know that he was drunk. Besides he shouldn’t have been drinking and driving. Gerald was really sad when he heard that Rob was dead. The story says, “Gerald hung up the phone and sat down in a heap on the floor. He was too stunned to even cry.” So they were all sad but Andy felt really guilty.          You can see how common drinking and driving is with Forged by Fire. because there are people that are underage drinking and driving. The article showed you about how people should not drive and what are the statistics about it too. Forged by Fire, told us how Andy was drunk and killed one of his best friends and he felt really guilty and sad to about it. So both of the story and the article talk about how drinking and driving is bad. So people learn now that they shouldn’t drink and drive.          Now you can see that both story and article are about how drinking and driving is really bad for us. The article showed you the percentages and what will happen. In Forged by Fire, told us about something that happened and he learned his lesson from that day. So now you learned about drinking and driving and what are the consequences about it too. So you should never drink and drive or never drink in general so you won’t get hurt or hurt anyone to.