Founding the more experienced opponents.Being frequently nearFounding the more experienced opponents.Being frequently near

Founding Fathers             Person 1: George WashingtonBorn: February 22, 1732, George Washington Birthplace National Monument, VAFamily: George Washington was the first born to an English family on February 22, 1732, to his parents, Augustine and Augustine’s second wife, Mary Ball Washington. Even though George Washington never had children of his own he had a rather large family that includes plenty of siblings whom later had children of their own including two older half-brothers when George had reached maturity. Since his father’s death by illness on April 1743, George was not able to receive an Education at England’s Appleby School like his older brothers, however, he had achieved his education through varies tutors. Later in life, George met Martha and they married at her home in new Kent Country in January 6, 1759 and moved to Mount Vernon in the spring of 1759. Martha had also brought with her two children from her first marriage, John Parke Custis (Jacky) and Martha Parke Custis (Patsy). Even though they were not his own, George was a doting stepfather towards Martha’s children. And despite having slave themselves at the Mount Vernon household, the washington family were treated their slaves as their own family as well. Factors of Leadership:Was appointed as the commander of the Continental Army on  June 14, 1775Did not have any experience in commanding a large army in the field prior to his appointment as head of the Continental Army to that of European standards.He gained experience in various important principles of commanding during the french and Indian War and his studies of the British military. He had an impressive physical presence among his troops and had instincts that help him command and withstand against even the more experienced opponents.Being frequently near the front lines and risking his own life, George had exhibited great steadiness and courage in battle.Even though he lost more battles than winning them, George’s leadership secure American independence.He had the ability to rally his men together and kept morality up.His administrative talents and his intuitive sense of grasping strategy made him a great general.George was unanimously elected as the president of the United States twice.            Person 2: Alexander Hamilton Born: January 11, 1757, Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis Family: Alexander was born as the illegitimate son of James Hamilton and Rachel Fawcett Lavien. His father later abandoned Alexander along with his mother and his brother, James Jr. After taking care of her children, Rachel later died on February 19, 1768 because of a severe fever she had contracted. Alexander and James Jr. then were briefly taken in by their cousin Peter Lytton, who later committed suicide. The brothers then were subsequently separated. Years later, Alexander met and married Elizabeth Schuyler (Eliza) on December 14, 1780 at the Schuyler Mansion in Albany, New York. They then had eight children. Alexander was also to close towards Elizabeth’s sisters and had a rather close friendship with her older sister, Angelica, which was describe as flirtatious. Alexander maintained correspondence with Elizabeth’s younger sister Margarita (Peggy) as well.  Factors of Leadership:Preparing himselfExemplify moral integrityWent beyond self-interestEstablished clear goalsRespecting the peopleConveying and inspiring visionBeing a mentor            Person 3: Thomas JeffersonBFamily: As Thomas Jefferson himself had said, “no society is so precious as that of one’s own family”. The Jeffersons originally originated from England till they migrated to America in the early seventeenth century. Despite them not being one of the elite landholding families of colonial Virginia, the Jeffersons were well respected, held various public offices, and married advantageously.