Fountains of the power during its time.Fountains of the power during its time.

Fountains are an
architectural element that have always served the purpose of aesthetics. They
solely designed to serve as a decorative part of the surrounding1.

The Trevi Fountain located in Rome, Lazio, Italy made by Nicola salvi is one
such example, as it had been placed as a manifestation of the power during its
time. It was used by the powerful as what you may refer to as superior
beautification of their land. Rome is full of fabulous art and architecture
where the baroque styled fountain originated. The Trevi came from a Latin word “trivium”
which meant three ways as the fountain was located in the plaza that connected
three streets in Lazio.

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The fountain at night is portrayed
the way that every sculpture on the structure lights up and tends to become
real, having human like features. The baroque style architecture gives the
fountain displays power.

Corinthian columns,
pilasters and triumphal arch are used on the façade of the palazzo behind the
fountain to portray aesthetics qualities and correlate with it.

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