Franchising But, in Georgia the best exampleFranchising But, in Georgia the best example

    Franchising is a
business organizational form, which gives the right to entrepreneur for selling
and servicing of already known goods. First of all, Franchising drawn from the
French word FRANCHIR as “the liberation” means. This is license that gives trademarks
the possibility of using larger companieson the right to sell their goods in
the other regions. It introduced relationship between the franchiser and
franchises continuously, during this time all knowledge, methods of producing
and marketings are given of franchises, instead of satisfying interests for the
franchiser. So, the franchises are taken already industry and that is a reason
of the attractiveness.

There are four major forms of
Franchising: Franchising of trademarks of using, when buyers of Franchising pay
the money of using trademarks, Franchising of ready products, when costumer
buys goods from the corporation, then the costumer makes realization with
his/her own prices, Franchising of making goods, when license gain rights of
making and realizationing of goods from “foster-mother” company, Franchising
about species of engagement, according to this license buys the right of
opening his/her own firm with using name of corporation, with keeping profile
of activity.

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Franchising popularity is due to
three main factors: The seller of license make his/her own foundation of
activity, the buyer of license gain benefits, because he/she uses already known
and famous methods and the society gain benefits, because they take goods or
services continuously.

Georgia is a great place to own and
grow a franchise.Georgia offers many forms of assistance to small business and
entrepreneurs including small Business Taxi Relief, Entrepreneur and small
Business Loan Programs and Work Ready reimbursements. There are many franchise
companies in Georgia. For examples fast food restaurants: Mc’ Donalds, Subway,
Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, Domino’s Pizza and Wandy’s. But, in Georgia the best
example is Mc’ Donalds. Mc’ Donalds is recognized as a premier franchising
company around the world. In Georgia, it serves more than 7000 individuals
daily according to 2007 statistics.

There are some problems with
franchising. At first, receiver of franchising is not independent. Then, there
are high outlays a costs and the last, sharing profit of franchise with the
giver person. There are some ways to solve these problems: For example, product
quality must be higher, because of attracting people, high cost will be
refunded throught this. Also, it is true that some person does not benefit whole
independence, but it is depending on something on some territory and it manages
this business. Despite the fact, that there is no whole profit, which is
condicioned by high quality and many costumers. Finally, franchising is one of
the most important organization form in business filed.It has some problems,
but it is still working well.