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Friendship simply refers to the state of being friends or
the mutual relationship between people that is way stronger than any bond. It
is one of the relationship where people feel free to express themselves.

Friendship is all about having someone or some people
whom we can trust, have fun, share inner feelings and much more. It is one of
the precious things in the life that anyone can have. It is just like a
treasure which is way more precious than any ornaments or stack of cash.

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We meet various types of people in our day to day life. We
encounter each of them at many places and at any moment, but we do friendship
with those who are liable of gaining trust, with whom we can hang out and have
a little chat.

Having friends around is the best thing that you can
have, they make your day somehow. They make each and every moment memorable,
great and valuable. They give happiness and joy when we need it the most. We
all need a friend that will tell us the truth when we want to hear it the most
and when we want to hear the least. Friends are like that, the truest form of
soul with whom we all grow up.

Friends are like family with whom we are connected with
strong feelings. They fulfill our emotional as well as psychological needs. Whether
they are connected through social media or are around us they always provide
comfort and give us great support. They somehow manage a way to make our day
good no matter how much the odds are against us.

Life without any friend is just like a pizza without
cheese. Our life can’t run without happiness and fulfilling our psychological
and emotional needs, and to fill those needs we require friends. We can’t get
that comfort of friendliness with any other who are not as close as friends.

Friendship is as important as any other relationship.
When the whole world does not seem to be on our side, a friend is someone who
gives the courage and motivation, cheer us up on our hard moments.

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