From as a product of the curiosityFrom as a product of the curiosity

From an early
age I had always been interested in the business and marketing world. The way a
business can be linked to other businesses all over the world is an extremely
exciting thought for me. Also being a conscientious and hard-working student, I
have always wanted to pursue the next challenge available to me and by chasing
a business career, I can always ensure that this is a possibility. I have
chosen to pursue a business studies degree because of its versatility in that I
can enter a wide range of jobs once I achieve this qualification, from
accountant to investment banker. In this current job market, I believe versatility
could be one of the greatest skills to possess. Every where I work or study I
believe I bring great enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge and improvement as
a product of the curiosity and sense of wonder that I have for this remarkable task
ahead of me.

 I come from a background where my family has
been in the retail trade for a very long time. Whist I was growing up I have
been actively taking part in the running of the business. 3 years ago I created
an Esports organisation which now has expanded and become bigger than ever imagined
it has won multiple championships and exceeded all my expectations with me at
the heart of it.   My family has given me
the opportunity to further myself in achieving my goals. I believe studying at this
university will give me the opportunity to progress and enhance the
understanding I currently have in Business.

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At my secondary school I was
handed the privilege and the responsibility of being head prefect. My
responsibilities included attending meetings with the school principal and
school council/staff. I believe these installed essential characteristics such
as leadership and motivation. Along with this I was also the school
football team captain and represented the school at many inter-schools sports

By going to university I hope to develop an experiential and diverse learning
experience and have the opportunity to interact with different groups of people
to learn from their business insights and endeavours. I also believe that by
going to university I will develop a broad understanding of Business and
develop my knowledge of key areas such as Financial Markets, Customer
Relationships, Corporate Finance, Operations, Communications, Business Policy
and Business Strategy, all key areas I believe every business enthusiast should