From has driven me to attempt anotherFrom has driven me to attempt another

From Da Vinci’s dream of flight in the 15th
century, to the Wright Brothers revolutionary creation of the first aircraft,
to the first manned space shuttle only half a century ago, the evolution of
aeronautics has been fascinating to say the least. The idea of creating and
adding to the timeline is enthralling to me. Aeronautics has always been about
pushing the boundaries of science and making what seemed impossible yesterday,
a reality today. I strive to push and challenge myself to extend my knowledge
and break the modern constraints set by pioneers in the engineering world. Elon
Musk’s idea of sending humans
to Mars thrills me knowing the technology needed for such an expedition is yet
to be created and could be done by this generation of engineers. The limitless
potential of aeronautics shown by these innovatory events has driven me to
attempt another step on technical advancement.

From an early age I have been keen on mathematics and was
given the opportunity to do my GCSE in year 8 and achieved an A grade. I later
then joined a science club, STEM where the applications of physics were first
shown to me. I took keen interest in the technology and engineering side where
many educational trips occurred, for instance I went to Kingston University
where there were many activities including making a projectile and seeing how
far it will go using only air pressure. From these experiences I knew I had a passion for
physics and maths which drove me to select engineering as a subject to do at
GCSE level, where I completely grasped the structure of engineering and the
different types there were. What I relish most about the subject is the
creative freedom that enables successful engineers to create and build
significant structures needed in today’s society.

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My constant desire to push myself drove me to take part in
maths master classes, which took place in both Wilson Grammar School and Imperial College over a two year
period. These classes deepened my knowledge on maths and broadened my scope of
what limited knowledge I had and my wanting to learn more. During my time there
I took great interest in what the different lectures had to say and the various
sides of maths they had to bring interesting me further, which then lead me to
decide I had wanted to study further mathematics at A level. Taking part in
several math competitions, representing my school in the process, gave me more
confidence in mathematics preparing me to apply my knowledge in university. I
have pursued my interest in engineering by taking part in brilliant
aspirations, a program which allowed me to understand engineering to a further
degree. The program consisted of me applying my understanding of physics and
maths and working on a team to create a hover craft, showing me the importance
of teamwork when dividing up tasks to do and creating a more efficient product.

Outside of school I enjoy playing basketball regularly and
swimming in a local leisure centre. Keeping myself active has ensured me to
stay resilient and self-disciplined where I can apply this to my studies. I
also keep up with regular basketball fixtures and support a team in my spare

The capability of aeronautics systems is ever-growing and
something I want to be a part of given the opportunity at your university.