Genetically by putting scientific facts before emotionsGenetically by putting scientific facts before emotions

Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) exploded
into a controversial topic that tests morals, beliefs, and overall health
concerns. However, is this “epidemic” truly that horrifying and problematic as
most of the population thinks or the result of putting feelings before
rationality and science? There is no simple answer since it plays such a role
on peoples’ lives both mentally and physically. Although, by putting scientific
facts before emotions most individuals will recognize that not only are these
products safe to use but also can be beneficial in ways never imagined.

             The largest debate for the use of GMO products
revolves around the safety of the individual. The film does an outstanding job
of explaining through scientific research that there is no creditable
information proving that the products are unsafe to consume and use. Over 30
years’ worth of research plus more than 2,000 experiments conducted by the most
prestigious scientific colleges in the United States and around the world,
there has not been a single report indicating that GMO products are unsafe.
According to the National Academy of Sciences, “To date, no adverse health
effects attributed to genetic engineering have been documented in the human
population.” The film also proceeds to mention a statement from the American
Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), “the science is quite clear:
crop improvements by the modern molecular techniques of biotechnology is safe.”
So why, with all the research provided are GMO products still frowned upon and
considered a safety concern? The best way the film describes this reaction is
through a quote by Mark Twain, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince
them that they have been fooled.” Genetically modified organisms may always be
regarded as a controversial topic, however through science the uncertainty of
health factors may finally be dissolved. 

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