Good sincere interest in the Undergraduate ResearchGood sincere interest in the Undergraduate Research

Good quality of life is different and difficult to define for all individuals, however, it is important to living. Improving quality of life is an objective for both research projects of my interest. Early motor skills intervention in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is vital because they are able to have longer, fulfilling lives. This targeted intervention gives children opportunities to learn to move, develop confidence and competence by engaging in play with their peers. Another interest of mine is to work on the “Ligand- gated Chloride channels in Haemonchus contortus” project. With growing resistance of parasites to Anthelmintics, there is need for innovative routes to eradicate Haemonchus contortus. Since a community’s economy is tied to the loss of livestocks, it is important to combat the disease, hence, improving livestock health. Hence, I am writing to express my sincere interest in the Undergraduate Research Awards, more specifically in the “Ligand- gated Chloride channels in Haemonchus contortus” and “Motor Skill Intervention for 3 to 5 year olds with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”. My desire to participate in the program has been strengthened having had the pleasure of reading their project summaries.My first experience working with children with ASD began in 2014 at Footprints4Autism where I volunteered as a child support giver. My responsibilities included  but was limited to, providing one-on-one supervision of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ensuring the safety of the child while participating in the program, providing an environment for the child to learn, play and explore at their skill and comfort level.  In addition to maintaining a high GPA, I also worked as a private tutor over the past year. I tutored both privileged and underprivileged children from ages 3 to 18 in Mathematics, English and general science courses.  These experiences have complemented what I learn in school and prove my communication skills, leadership abilities, responsibility, productivity and reliability both as a worker and a student.  All these have sparked an interest in pursuing this research project.Recently, a case study on Malaria in Biology II (BIOL 1020U): Diversity of Life and Principles of Ecology exposed me to the world of parasites. I explored the life cycle, transmission and treatment of Plasmodium falciparum, similarly, P. falciparum developed resistance to drugs. This piqued my interest in parasitic management and I am inspired to join this ongoing research on drug development for Haemonchus contortus. Furthermore as a First-year Health Sciences student, I have had the opportunity to learn various research techniques like, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), DNA sequencing, Gel electrophoresis.  These skill acquisitions and curiosity has motivated me to enroll in this project, “Ligand- gated Chloride channels in Haemonchus contortus”.My involvement in this project would give me the opportunity to develop research skills by learning research techniques and also applying these techniques to real-life contexts. It would also equip me with the self-confidence to reason critically and independently.  This would also help me think out of the box and apply classroom learning to real-world processes, thereby, enhancing the learning experiences. Overall, this research will enable to gain problem-solving skills that would be useful in everyday living, going beyond the classroom.Upon completion of my undergraduate career, I plan on pursuing medical school training. Hence, this research opportunity would help in achieving both short and long term career goals. My areas of interest include paediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology and infectious diseases.