Growing of Labor Statistics have stated the

Growing up, the
idea of working in a big city thrilled and fascinated me. For me, the big city
was Accra in Ghana. That all changed when I moved to the United States a little
over five years ago. The move, however, has not quenched that resolve. I still
have the dream of working in a big city like Washington, D.C. Below are the
reasons why I am very interested in exploring Washington, D.C. during this
spring break from a career exploration viewpoint.

Being the capital
of the United States, the ample job and career development opportunities in the
Washington D.C. metropolitan area cannot be over stated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics have
stated the growing job opportunities in the Washington D.C. area in the sectors
of banking & finance, education, health services, trade, transportation and
utilities. I am currently in the Master of Business Administration program at
Bowling Green State University’s College of Business planning on graduating
with a specialization in finance. I am also pursuing the career path of an
actuary which subsets, the finance and insurance industry making the Washington
D.C. area a great fit for me career wise. I am hoping that this first-hand
exposure of the career and networking trip will serve as a door opener for
networking opportunities as I navigate my career path. Furthermore, the
interactions during the employer visits will open my eyes to new opportunities
for perhaps career advancements which may not be so clear to me now but in line
with my overall picture.

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Secondly, U.S. News
& World Report ranks Washington D.C. metropolitan area as the 4th best
place to live based on quality of life and the job market for 2017. A good
quality of life leads to a very good quality work life. In choosing the city I
would like to have my career, quality of life is paramount. In addition, it is
a known that numerous employers in the area often allow telecommuting, flexible
schedules and give employees the independence and trust to do their jobs. Also,
there is so much diversity in the area’s population and the cultural variation
is essential for a growing career. This melting pot facilitates networking
which will impact the growth of my future career. I have had the opportunity to
experience the Washington, D.C. atmosphere on a few occasions and it was always
amazing meeting people from various cultures and how much one could learn. It
would be amazing to live and work in this atmosphere as I advance in my career

Furthermore, I am
interested in Washington D.C. from a career view point as a city of choice
because it will be a perfect place to learn about the history and the ways of
the American people. Aside from housing the seat of political power, it is
etched in history. In terms of exploration, there are many memorials one could
visit. Also, there are major battlefields from the civil war in the
metropolitan area, not to mention many museums such as the Smithsonian
Institute that I would love to visit. There are so many ways to recharge
yourself to keep the fuel burning as one works. Ultimately, I would love to
live and work in a city that not only offers me opportunities professionally
but socially since a great life is about a good balance between work and social

Finally, I am keen
on this visit from a career exploration point of view because I hope to have my
career in a city that is close to my family. Though my nuclear family is back
in Ghana, I have several relatives in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area
which motivates me to make the move when an opportunity comes. And I believe
that this career networking trip will afford me the opportunity to explore more
career opportunities through the employer visits and introduce me to networking
opportunities that will leave a lasting impression upon my career. Therefore,
your positive consideration of my application will be greatly appreciated. I
look forward to the career networking trip with enthusiasm, excitement and
determination. Thank you.

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