Gustavo in society. What people do notGustavo in society. What people do not

Gustavo SahagianMr. ConklinU.S. Honors History20 December 2017Marijuana, The Future of the United States Marijuana is usually looked down upon in society. What people do not know is that marijuana is more beneficial than harmful to society. Marijuana was not well supported many years ago, but opinions have changed throughout the course of time. The majority of the United States support the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use. The American  Dream is providing the American people with an opportunity to live a successful life filled with prosperity and freedom. Giving the American people what they want  will be fulfilling part of the American dream. By legalizing marijuana it will bring medical and economical benefits, while also providing consumer safety. Medically, marijuana has proven to be a vital source for patients battling diseases and cancers.   According to the article, “What is the Relationship Between Marijuana and Cancer,” “found that moderate marijuana smoking over a 20-year period was actually associated with reduced risk of head and neck cancer” (What is the Relationship Between Marijuana and Cancer”). Marijuana, however, is not a cure to these diseases and cancer but it does help patients ease the pain that they are enduring. Patients undergoing chemotherapy usually do not want to eat but by using marijuana it builds an appetite for these patients. Marijuana has also been known to reduce diabetes and obesity by speeding up the metabolism.  Not only that, another study showed that “Chemicals in Marijuana have found to stop HIV from progressing into Aids”(Sanger).  In an interview with Neal O’Brien he stated,” If marijuana can help patients who really need it without a doubt  it should be accessible for them”(O’Brien Interview). Neal O’Briens brings up a good point that if marijuana can help people who are suffering and desperately need it why would the American government reject the people’s needs. A crucial component that marijuana brings to the American government is the economic benefits. By legalizing it for both medical and recreational use, will open up many jobs for the American people such as local dispensaries that will make it easily accessible for consumers. Establishing these local dispensaries will boost the revenue and tax income of the country tremendously. Setting the United States up to being one of the most advanced economic countries in the world and would help get rid of some of the country’s debt. Colorado is a prime example of a state that is prospering in revenue from sales of marijuana.  According to Britney Sanger, “During the first half of 2017, legal weed sales in Colorado reached over $750 million, earning the state’s $116 million in tax revenue and licensing fees”(Sanger). Sales are only projected to surge into the billions for the states that have marijuana legalized( Krishna). The government would also save a great deal amount of money by getting rid of funds to law enforcements trying to impose marijuana regulations. This money that the government is spending could be invested into bigger issues occurring in the U.S. and that would really impact the country in a positive way. The money that the government could save by getting rid of these funds could go to health care, tax cuts, or other beneficial elements that can shift the government into a powerful nation. The controversy that arises with the debate on legalizing marijuana is the consumer safety. Of course marijuana is not hundred percent safe but it is less dangerous than alcohol and harder drugs. Marijuana is not an addictive substance and there have been no overdoses recorded coming from marijuana. Unlike cigarettes which have been proven to cause cancer, the only major negative thing they have found about marijuana has been a decrease in productivity. Alcoholism is another issue in the U.S. with people abusing alcohol and incidents caused by alcohol have become a big concern to the American people.  Another concern, however, that comes from legalizing marijuana is an increase in adolescent use. In fact its the complete opposite, Christopher Ingraham stated, “A federal data shows that adolescent marijuana use fell nationwide in 2016. In no states did the share of teens using pot increase by a significant amount, and in a number, including California, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey and Texas, rates of teen marijuana use fell considerably”(Ingraham).  Not only did the number of teens using marijuana drop but in Colorado after legalizing marijuana the  number of teens using alcohol, tobacco, and heroin also dropped (Ingraham). Local dispensaries promote consumer safety by checking the marijuana and making sure that it is FDA approved. Leading to less consumption of laced marijuana. By providing consumer safety the American government can worry less about implementing restrictions and laws on the people for the usage of marijuana.   Overall the benefits of marijuana outweigh the controversies and issues surrounding it. Alcohol and cigarettes are both considered to be more dangerous than marijuana and have a greater long term effects which does not make sense because they are both legal and marijuana is not in some states. Legalizing marijuana would help the American Government in every aspect there is,such as Economically, medically, and consumer safety. Over the course of time society has slowly been accepting marijuana, more and more states keep legalizing or have made an option for the people to vote on. Marijuana is the future of America and will soon be completely legalized for medical and recreational use. Works Cited Eugene Scott, CNN. “Poll Finds Record Support For Legalizing Pot.” CNN, 2017,, Christopher. “Following Marijuana Legalization, Teen Drug Use Is Down In Colorado.” Global Issues In Context, 2017,, Mrinalini. “The Economic Benefits Of Legalizing Weed.” Investopedia, 2017,’Brien, Neal. 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