Have Bell Washington and Augustine Washington .Have Bell Washington and Augustine Washington .

Have you ever wondered  how it would feel to be president , well George Washington was the first president of the United States . He has inspired as to work hard and never give up.  George Washington was born on February 22 1731. He was born  in national monument located in  Virginia  United States. George Washington is known for being the first president of the United States and serving as a chief commander in the military . George Washington was the first child of Mary Bell Washington and Augustine Washington . George washington has nine siblings , five brothers and four sisters which were named Samuel, Lawrence ,Betty, Jean, Charles, Augustine ,Butler ,Mildred and jane. George Washington and his siblings did  not go to school . Even though George did not go to school ,  he was still very smart , he could read and write but he had trouble spelling words . When George was only eleven his father passed away due to a unknown reason which made life harder  for George and his siblings . When George Washington was seven-teen years old he loved to survey .he went to a collage to become a surveyor. George went around surveying people .in 1748 George Washington was invited to join a survey party . George surveyed the whole west Virginia with his surveying  party .on June 19 1775 George washington joined the military /army to serve as a chief commander , he joined to help unite the colonies . A year after George Washington joined the army he got married Martha Washington and became the father of two kids which were Marthas kids with his old husband . After some time George decided to take a break from his military job . George’s break did not last that long in 1787 George was called back for the duty of his country and was unanimously elected as the first president of the united states , In the year 1789 George Washington became president , not only president but the first president of the united states in history .As the first president of the United states George Washington had to overcome a lot of obstacles like making mistakes , if George made mistakes he wouldn’t accept it and move in instead he was very nervous and got more brought down by them . George washington was often embarrassed buy people pointing at him and laughing at him for once again  making mistakes .As a president it was very hard for George Washington to play a role as a leader of a whole country because George did not have a role model to look up to because he was the role models others looked up to . I think  George Washington was a great leader not only to America but to the world. If i put myself in George Washington’s shoes i think life would be very hard to live because being a president is not easy . Some traits that describe  George Washington are respectful, trustworthy and leader George washington did a  great job being  leader  , fighting for his country and serving  his country with a lot of respect .he also  worked very hard to fulfill his duty as president  as father of two kids and the father of our country ( to Americans) George washington was a smart,kind and strong man who sadly died on december 14 1799 . before the sad death of the man we loved ,the man who we look up to and man  we will always remember has thought as some very important sayings and quotes that have a lot of meaning and  inspiration to people all around the world . He has demonstrated being  a role big  model for us to today and for us in the future. A strong a quote George Washington has said that is inspirational to me and to others is  ” it’s far better to be alone then to be in bad company” this quote has thought to  us  that it’s way better to be alone and free then to be with bad people that don’t want you to be successful. George Washington has also thought is to never give up and always look on the bright side . This great man will always be remembered in american history and in our hearts. all we can  say about this man is that he for sure left his mark in the universe