Have Puerto Rico is mild and subtropical.Have Puerto Rico is mild and subtropical.

Have you ever been in Puerto Rico? There are three reasons why you should go to Puerto Rico. The reasons are because of its Physical Geography, Human Geography, and the Culture.My first reason why you should go to Puerto Rico is because of its Physical Geography. There is a chain of islands called the Greater Antille and  Puerto Rico is the smallest island in there. The area of Puerto Rico is 5,324 square miles.There is also a mountain range called the Cordillera Central. Most of the population lives in the northern part of Puerto Rico.It’s climate and vegetation is another reason why you should go to Puerto Rico. It is surrounded by water and beaches. According to Culturegrams it says,” There are rainforest, deserts, canyons, and caves. Puerto Rico is mild and subtropical. It is usually war and sunny. The temperature usually stays between 70 and 80 degrees year round.”The physical features/landforms is mostly mountains with coastal areas in the north and south. The major landforms in Puerto Rico are the origin, mountains, karst, and the coastal plains.According to traveltips.usatoday it says,” The Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, Iglesia Porta Coeli, Tibes and Caguana, Observatorio De Arecibo, and Bahía Mosquito.The second reason why you should go to Puerto Rico is because the Human Geography. There is about 3,351,827 people in Puerto Rico. Most of the people of Puerto Rico is Hispanic Origin. Most of the people live near San Juan which is the capital. Many Puerto Ricans have moved to the United States. Some Puerto Ricans also are at New York and Florida.At Puerto Rico they use the U.S dollars and it’s economy used to be farming, but industry is now more important at Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans make a lot of things and being part of the United States has helped the Puerto Rican economy. Also, the damage that Hurricane Maria caused will make it harder to live there.The U.S is the main country that Puerto Rico trades with. According to http://online.culturegrams.com/kids/, ” The United States accounts for nearly 90% of the latter’s exports and over 55% of its imports. The major items they trade to countries are chemicals, electronics, canned tuna and medical equipment. Most of the items go to the United States and some of them go to the Netherlands, Denmark, Republic, and the UK. Ireland and Japan are the other countries that Puerto Rico trade with. They are accounted for 23% and 6% of the islands trades.”The third reason why you should go to Puerto Rico is because of the Culture. Puerto Rico’s Culture is Taino, African, and Spanish. One tradition in Puerto Rico is how they name their own children. They name their children by the father’s last name and then the mother’s last name. Another tradition is for catholicism. After the child is born, they become baptized and there is emphasis put on the grandparents.According to http://www.10best.com/destinations/puerto-rico/san-juan/attractions/historic-sites/the historical places to see in Puerto Rico is the Casa Blanca, Caguana indian ceremonial park, Iglesia de san jose, Santa maria Magdalena de pazzis cemetery, El morro Castillo de san felipe del morro, La fortaleza, Future san crise to bal, La puerta de san juan, Capilla del christ, and El arsenal de la marina.The language they speak is Spanish and English. They both are official languages in Puerto Rico. Both of the language combined is called Spanglish. Many Puerto Ricans speak English.According to Culturegrams the religion for Puerto Ricans is 15% Protestan and 85% Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic is the main religion in Puerto Rico. The rest of the people belongs to various other Christians churches . Puerto Ricans believe God is the reason they have luck. The traditional clothing they wear is the Guayaberas, Historical dress, Contemporary Dress, and the Special Attire. The guayabera is the most known garment. Puerto Rican dress has changed  and during festivals it’s common to wear traditional costumes.The food they eat is rice and beans. Those food are Puerto Ricans diet. Dishes with plantation are popular. Since, Puerto Rico is surrounded by water, they also eat seafood. Pasta and fast food are also getting popular.The games/ sports they play is baseball. They have been playing it for a long time. There are a lot of teams and basketball has become a sport they play too. So as boxing. Also volleyball, surfing, and kayaking.One of the favorite seasons is Christmas. Groups of people go to  houses and sing there to get food. This tradition is called Parandas. They celebrate in to January 6. On the eve of this holiday children put grass or hay on a shoebox under their bed. It is for the king’s camel to eat and in the morning they get a present.In my conclusion, you should go to Puerto Rico because of its Physical Geography, Human Geography, and its Culture.