Having the economy. I find the currentHaving the economy. I find the current

Having seen my father as a businessman, I’ve always had the interest of innovating, transforming and thinking out of the box in a competitive and ever changing environment. His experience in career wants me to know more about the concept of business and the economy. I find the current economic climate a challenging time which attracts my attention towards it. My interest in the current topic has attracted me to develop my understanding to a higher level degree. Normally children; specifically talking about girls would play with barbie dolls at the age of 5 but I would go with my father to his office. I would listen to him all day talking to clients, commenting on the economy while the television was on, talking about technology and discussing what should be invented in the nearest future.                           Not only the luxurious lifestyle of a businessmen but also the way businesses effect our lives built the interest in me to study business and management. I chose to study BTEC Business as I believed it would boost my abilities. This course gave me the chance to employ and put into aspect the knowldge and understanding I had from personal experience. Continuity of business in university would not only open the roads to my career but also make me discover myself even more.                           Business; a combination of accounts, economics and business itself, helps one to visualise how it shapes the world. Supervising punctuality of employees at my father’s restaurant, revealed to me the significance of stimulating a bond with customers and staff through a level of leadership and communication. These skills helped me in a number of ways in my life; i.e, working in Primark, a extremely fast paced company gave me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and taught me different ways to understand products. Working as an intern in WWF offered me to express innovate ideas in my mind by assigning a task which was to come up with a solar technology that has yet not been discovered make a module of it. Undertaking work experience at O2 gave me exposure and taught me value of time. Working in Charlotte Reid, a well-known high street retailer trading in fashion goods led me a practical example of knowing the importance of your place in the market. Not only this but it also improved my management skills and polished my characteristic of being multiskilled as few times I was to manage the store all by myself which includes helping customers with their queries, working on the till, keeping the shop clean and updated with goods.