Hector religion, nationalism, sports form of speak,

Hector Diaz

Mrs. Sifford

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English IV





Culture is the way people
think, act and the varying approaches they use to support their lives, culture is
a learned knowledge, even though Mexico and U.S. are next to each other they
originality and of their cultures might surprise and give inspiration to
celebrate there heritage.

            The American and Mexican culture have similarities, however
they have more differences then alike, some differences are  family, religion, nationalism, sports form of
speak, celebrations , one major difference of families is “in Mexico, family is
a first priority. People that live in Mexico have a tremendous connection to
their relatives. It doesn’t matter what
generation you’re in, if you see your second or third cousin, you still
consider them your cousin,” (Avila) and this make Mexican families larger then American
families because most American families just consider first and second
generation families, another different about families is that “the wife
fulfills the domestic role where in the U.S. it’s more of a dual role that the
wife takes on”, (Avila), Mexico still has inequality between men and women as
is transgressing to the point that women are standing up for themselves and changing
that type of behavior in men, this is some time seen in U.S. here and there but
as much as Mexico, although “Mexican culture also differs from American culture
when it comes to language. Spanish is the national language of Mexico, brought
by the Conquistadors during Mexico’s colonization, and while the United States
does not have an official national language, English is spoken by 96% of the population”
(Lathan), America has many people that speak different languages because of it
mass migration to peoples to United State made it structure made out mostly
people that migrated different part of the world because of their wealthy
economy making a great place to live in exchange Mexico nice place to live,
although it has many flaws making it not ideal place to live 

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