Helping Profession-This can be defined as aHelping Profession-This can be defined as a

Profession-This can be defined as a group of individuals that
adhere to sustains the development of or addresses different issues faced by
the people in the environment (PIE), some of these issues can easy well affects
an individual physical,mental,intellectual,emotional or profound well-being., (2017)
“Explained that many people work in the
helping profession and it is not always an easy job. You are working with
people every day and helping them in many different ways. It takes a couple
years of college to know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for and
probably be able to work with someone. People go to be counselors, teachers,
nurses, human services, or anything that has to do with helping someone. Though
you might not think teachers are a helping profession, though I would, because
they are helping students learn. They put in the time and effort to make a
child to love learning and gain more knowledge. They are helping tiny little
human beings to go to greater places.

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Sometimes working in the helping profession is not always easy. There
are times when you cry. When you just want to go home and cry wishing you could
have helped in a different way. Though knowing that no matter what you did, no
matter how hard you helped, you could not do it. You could not help someone in
the way they needed to be helped. You know as a person in a helping profession,
you do everything you can to help someone and even then, it might not always be
enough. Though you get up the next day and go back to work. There is another
day where there is a positive outcome.

You enjoy helping more than life itself. You work every day to helping
other people. You nurse them back to help, you are counseling them through
things they could not do on their own, being able to teach a student another
day, being able to help a family get back together, or even help a child find a
forever home. There are little things that happen every day that make it so
rewarding. It is almost like an art to help someone. Not everyone is good at
being able to help others. It takes a special kind of person to love helping and
put others needs first. Knowing that they are doing better off because you
helped them in some way.

You will feel needed. Everyday someone comes to you needing help.
Needing help getting better, needing help with issues, or just something. As
humans, we want to feel needed every day. In the helping profession you get
that almost every day. There is always someone new that needs your help. Even
keeps coming back. It is even better at the end of the day, after you have
helped them, you helped them for the better. You were able to fix their problem
and get them to a place where they can be better people.

The amount of growth you get. There are many ways in which you can grow
in the field. Every day you grow a little more in the field and even get to
move up. Sometimes that means you get to be the supervisor, getting a better
salary, or even just being in a higher position. There is always room for
growing in the field.

Being able to learn and grow as a person in the field. Seriously, not
only are you growing in the job of moving up, but you’re learning more every
day that you would not have known before. You are learning more about yourself,
about how much you can take, how you handle different situations, how much as a
person you can change to be. As the more knowledge you can get and the more
experienced in an area, the more that that people are going to come to you and
be referred to you. You become more knowledge and people are going to want to
see that when they come to see you for help.

At the end of the day, you love your job and would not change it for the
world. You show up to work every day, hoping for the very best. Knowing that
today could bring anything when helping someone. There will either be a good
day or a bad day. There will be someone new that needs your help, there will
even be people that no longer need your help but you hope them the best. That
what you did to help them will stay with them. You will either learn that you
can handle that day or you could not. There is always hope for another day.
There are so many rewards of being in the helping profession. You are helping
people who need you. Who need someone. There is nothing wrong going into the
helping world. Keep your head up out there. “There are many different
types of helping professions some of these may include Social Workers ,Teachers
,Doctors ,Policemen ,Firemen ,Counselors ,Psychologist ,Nurses and Lawyers.”