Here arguments about whether it is rightHere arguments about whether it is right

Here in Sweden we currently have free abortion system but there are
always arguments about whether it is right or wrong. Free abortion in Sweden
means that the woman has a legal right to an abortion until the 18th pregnancy
week and if she chooses herself, she can determine it. According to the Swedish
law, starting from week 18 and afterward, only abortion is allowed only on
condition that there are strong reasons or if the child is not strong enough to
survive or doctors advise that the child is not medically fit.


As general, abortion means stopping pregnancy by medication or surgery
and women are offered the opportunity to talk to a psychologist before making
any quick decisions, which may sometimes endanger her, but it is free for
anyone willing to see a psychologist.

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I think it is every woman’s decision to face this medication or
operation as it is her body, it is the woman who has to bear, feed and take
care of the child. There are many reasons why some women do not want to be
pregnant any longer, as they will be forced to take care of a child with the
feeling of inner pain. For an example, a woman or a girl who because of rape
victims of violence has become pregnant should not be forced to take care of a child
who will always remind her of the psychological pain, or a very poor family who
simply cannot afford to feed another hungry mouth.


On the other hand, if the mother has any kind of disease that is/may be
genetic or about the woman, for instance has the fatal virus of HIV or like
that can transmit it to the child. Nevertheless, I think that is a good idea
even if you are not mature or mature enough to take care of a child. The
responsibility of this kind is not an easy job and it costs both a large amount
of money and time. A child should grow up in a safe environment with people who
love the baby and want it, not with people who only have it because there was
no another choice. A child should be safe, loved and beloved, otherwise both
parents and the child will suffer from it and honestly, there are people who
should never be parents.


However, many people do not agree with my opinion. Those who are against
abortion are often, very religious and their argument is that God has created
all of us and we have no right to take away a life that God has created. They
also argue very strongly that abortion is a kind of murder and that it should
be regarded as serious as killing a grown-up person.


If it would be illegal to make abortion, what would the consequences be?
For sure, people might be a little better at using contraception, but probably
the thought “I do not think so” will remain. So what we would get
then is the mass of teenage parents, and “insane” parents who do not
know how to take care of a toddler and it would only go out with the children.
A child who does not receive proper education does not usually know what is
right and wrong, and heshe may easily become criminal and begin to go on the
wrong path as this lifestyle will have a negative impact overall community.


My argument (like many other people) is that Sweden is a free land
whereby everyone is free for his/her decision-making process and to cut
everything short I want to say that if a woman wants to abort she should do it
without any fear, but maybe it should be needed with psychologist talks before
making an abortion. And it should not be done anyway, if the child is so big
that it could be done outside of the womb, then I think it’s too late if there
are no very strong reasons to make an abortion so late. But a child can not
make a living entirely by itself, it needs to be told what is right and what is
wrong, they need to get an education simply and those who do not want to abort,
they simply do not have to.