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Hi my name is Mia Hamm I am currently 45 years old and I am a retired U.S female soccer player. If I could describe myself in one word it would be determined because whenever there is a goal giving up is never a choice, I never give up and when I fall I get back up. I was born on March 17, 1972 in Selma, Alabama. Growing up with my parents Bill and Stephanie Hamm, my siblings Martin, Tiffany, Lovdy, Caroline, and Garrett Hamm many opportunities came along such as school and sports. I just always saw a passion for soccer and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I don’t think I could have ever reached my goal if it wasn’t for my brother Garrett for encouraging me in sports. He always supported my decisions and he believed in me. About at the age of 15 I began to play for the national soccer team as the youngest member. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I contributed in taking 4 women’s championships. In 1991 I was 19 and at the olympics, I won my first olympic gold medal holding it with pride in my hands. I was also chosen as the soccer USA’s female athlete of the year five years in a row and selected as the MVP of the Women’s cup in 1995. Sadly one of my biggest inspirations my brother Garrett passed away from a rare blood disease in 1997 but I figured life had to go on. I later set a record for most international goals in 1999 but it got beaten by Abby Wambach in 2013. On this soccer journey I accomplished so many of my goals and it was great spending time with my team and my coaches on the field but it had to come to an end so in 2004 I retired from the soccer team trying to accomplish other goals. After my career ended I spent time with my spouse Nomar Garciaparra and my children  Garrett, Grace, and Ava. I am currently living in L.A California and I am working hard to accomplish my other goals.         This experience was the best and I don’t think anything could replace all of the goals I achieved. I got so many opportunities like the chance to create different things such as a leapband for kids and I also got the chance to work with different people such as michael jordan. I have inspired many young female athletes to chase their dreams and to never give up. “Go for the goal” and “The backbone of success is…hard work, determination, good planning, and perseverance she said .Mia Hamm has inspire me to keep on trying and she has taught me that we all make mistakes but if we don’t give up we can to anything.