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Hi, my name is Litong, today I’m going to talk about Daniel Boulud of the famous chefs in the world, he is a French chef who make great French food for people.To start things off, he has more than 15 restaurants in the U.S. and has made more than 25 receipts on his own. He is from France and was born in 1955 March 25, he was raised on a farm and taught by many famous chefs. Between 1969 – 1972 Daniel had his first experience by working in a kitchen under chef Gérard Nandron, at the two-Michelin star restaurant Nandron in Lyon, France. In 1972 Daniel was in a final rematch for the best culinary apprentice in France. After that year, Georges Blanc another famous chef saw his talent and offer him to work under his three Michelin star restaurant –  Mère Blanc, which is located in Vonnas, France.  Soon Daniel left the restaurant took a challenge and work in the three Michelin star restaurant Le Moulin de Mougins, in Mougins, France under Roger Vergé first as a cook. Daniel did not stop there he felt like he can do more and in 1976 he had his first experience working abroad at The Plaza Hotel, a four-star hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1980 Daniel got hired in the voted number one restaurant in Denmark under Jan Hurtigkarl – the owner of the restaurant at Les Étoiles. After that Daniel decided to leave France, and flight to Washington D.C. and became a private chef for Roland de Kergorlay, Ambassador of the European Commission. Daniel took over as Executive Chef of Le Régence when he joined the kitchen at the Plaza-Athenée Hotel in New York. Daniel was named Executive of the ionic restaurant Le Cirque in New York City and earned a four-star review in The New York Times news. In 1992 Daniel earned his first James Beard Foundation Award as “Best Chefs in America.” In 1993 Daniel opened this first restaurant which is called Daniel on the 76th street in the Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Daniel earned his second James Beard Foundation Award as an “Outstanding Chef” in 1994. Daniel hosts his first ever “Sunday Supper,” in 1997 which is a charity providing nutritious meals to homebound elderly in New York City. Daniel opened his second restaurant named Café Boulud which opened in space previously occupied by restaurant “Daniel”, earned three stars in The New York Times, and one star in the Michelin Guide. After in 1998 he reopened his first restaurant – Daniel, he started another one called “DB bistro moderne” which have seasonal French bistro fare and updated classics and its also known as “DB Burger.” The second location of Café Boulud opened in Palm Beach at the elegant Brazilian Court Hotel in 2003. In 2006 Daniel took his fourth James Beard Foundation Award as an Outstanding Restaurateur,  recognizing his excellence not just as a chef, but also as a business owner and leader in the restaurant industry. Soon Daniel began his own TV series which have three seasons which is a program that chef Daniel invites celebrity guests and top chef friends to go behind-the-scenes at America’s best restaurants, trade recipes, culinary secrets, and untold stories. Daniel thinks that he didn’t take enough James Beard Foundation Award, so he took another one which is outstanding Service, recognizes the restaurant’s commitment to the highest standards of excellence hospitality in 2009. After that Daniel took a step further and opened two more “DB Bistro Moderne”. They are located in Miami that has highly seasonal cuisine is inspired by both traditional French dishes and the fresh produce of local markets and in Singapore that have an exciting mix of traditional French bistro cooking with contemporary American flavors. In the March of 2011, Daniel took his first reward of Chef of the year. At the year of 2012, Daniel was presented with an honorary culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University. Maison Boulud Opens in the Iconic Ritz-Carlton Montréal, offering soulful contemporary French food, opens within the highly-regarded, iconic hotel Ritz-Carlton Montréal. In the May of 2013 Restaurant DANIEL celebrates twenty years of serving loyal patrons on the Upper East Side. In my personal opinion, Daniel Boulud is an outstanding businessman and also very talented in culinary.