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Holy cow; literally. Desi cows are among the most worshipped, if not the most worshipped animal in India; and for good reason. Today, dairies everywhere make processed milk from cows you and I see everytime we go online to search dairy farm; the Jersey cow. Desi cows are apparently only to be worshiped, and so these animals can’t be classified as cows; for these “holy” cows were originally bred from Urus or Aurochs; which are large, extinct wild cattle. Europeans have hunted the Aurochs for not only the sheer quantity of the meat, but it’s godlike quality. Eventually, the hunting of this animal was getting so difficult, the Aurochs were bred with other cows leading to the Jersey cow.Indian milk, from cows that aren’t Desi), has the highest of nutritional values, due to it being able to help your health more. Findings by life science companies have proved that their milk contains proline, which has a strong bond with isoleucine; both are amino acids that can be found in the milk. It’s no wonder why Indians worship the cow, for it’s milk’s effects are indeed heavenly. Such milk, called A2 milk is known to to be able fight against diseases and disorders like joint pain, asthma, obesity, and more. A2 milk also has been found to have lots of Omega 3, which cleans cholesterol waste in your blood vessels. A2 milk also has Cerebrosides that increases brain’s power and can even enhance the body’s immunity to radiation with Strontium.                                                                                                 *All hail the supreme Moo Cow* Studies from New Zealand has shown that A1 milk from cows like Jersey are major causes of-Rising blood pressure.MDD (Metabolic Degenerative Disease); autism and  type -1 diabetes in children.                                           *inaccurate, but I know YOU know what they look like*Mental disorders during old age.Click Me!