How also appreciate team members to becomeHow also appreciate team members to become

to be an agile person?

 Agile word is come from Latin where it’s mean
nimble and quick. Now days the agile term is related to management.. These days
it is used as be ready for any change, flexible, reliable and acceptable.
Moreover it define remain active in any condition and always ready for any
change or quickly adapt these changes and implement these changes in active

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person is considered agile person who has ability to think quickly and also
fully aware from his environment and work condition .He is mentally prepare to
handle any situation and able to do accurate work within given deadline or
before deadline. There are some characteristics of agile person.

confident : agile person have believe on his
ideas and able to define properly his views to other team members and convince
them to implement the task with something different way that make the work is
easy and more compatible .

agile person is not only good adviser but also has the capability to listen
others points of view. He is always ready to listen his colleague’s ideas; if
his assistant or team members plan seems to be good and better than his given
idea then he does not hesitate to implement the plane according to their team

agile person follow the rules and stay on their commitments to accomplish any
task and also willing to adapt new techniques.

and Active: He is able to work
accurately and hastily .if any person is innovative but he is failed to
complete task on time then is not an agile person. Agile person is very active and
lively to achieve his goals and promises.

person has ability to think innovatively and  also appreciate team members to become creative
and improve the working skills and able to introduce new ideas and work on
these innovative methods.

and disciplined: He is punctual and knows the value of
time and follows the rule and regulation and does everything on time. He  has every knowledge and information of
working place and living place policies .

better than others under any risk and challenge: A person is
learning from his mistakes and practice makes men perfect. He is always ready
to take mew dares under any condition and perform his best to achieve goals and
always try their best to improve performance and efficiency.

A person is 60 years old but he is agile person because he is ready for any
improvement and willing to do something different and take risk to accomplish
any task in given time. Whereas a person who is 30 years old seems to be more
active than 60 years old man but he is not willing to do something new and
unaware from the environment and also unable to achieve his goal within limited
period of time. Then he is not considers as agile person even he is young then
old person. Age does not matter if person has capability and desire or to do
anything quickly and efficiently. 


Agile  leader : 
 Qualities of an agile leader  :

Agile person become a leader if he is  unafraid of taking risk

Believe in team success

motivate and inspire his members to
achieve goals

In any interruption or failure he has
ability to remain calm and think clearly and try to solve the issue with his
team members

He has passion of learning and intense
curiosity to explore new ideas

Moreover he has strong determination and
gives equal chance to team members and also trust on their work if any team
member asks any question regarding work or any issue then leader has
responsibility to listen and understand the concept and provide the solution of

Positive attitude

Ability of willingness and remain calm
is ups and downs.

.These days agile are common in
specially IT environment. All kind of organization want to hire a agile person
who has willing to work in iterative, evolutionary and lean methods ,because
every company want to earn more profit and remain in top thus the company’s
focus is based on to fulfill customers requirements because their all profit
and the life of their product is based on customer. Agile person tries his best
to meet client’s requirements and able to do change if needed. Sometimes
customers do not satisfy with the product then agile person has patients to
listen clients complaints and able to ready for the improvement and give
believe to client that they will complete the product according to
specifications and within deadlines and as eerily as possible.

Any company makes a more effective
product but at the same time is unable to complete the product within given
time and   cost and requirements. It
means budget is over and now company loss their position or reputation in
market because the company has not agile person or agile leader therefore they
failed to read proper instruction and accomplish the product on time.

Business environment a person is considered as agile person who follow these

First priority is to satisfy customer

Welcome changing requirements

Work together

Face to face interaction

Continuous attention on plane and  technical excellence

Highly visible ,open and honest

Focus on incremental development

Best architecture, requirements and
design effectiveness.

Focus on quality

Accomplish work within time

Take customer feedback and implement.

Ability to inspire and motivate others