How desired time at low cost possible.How desired time at low cost possible.

How can a man sustain without food, clothing?. Can a ship sustain without fuel, spare parts, machinery? A single second is enough to destroy a huge warship, a fraction of that single second is enough to kill the morale of the crew. So, to provide all the facilities required and act as bridge between men and their success logistics plays a vital role in provisioning them with all the needs for smooth functioning in Navy.

Military logistics is a science of maintaining and planning in armed forces. Aspects of military operations that deal with development, storage, distribution, disposition of material, acquisition, and furnishing of services. The supply chain is a linkage of activities from raw material to obtaining a finished good. The process of controlling the supply system including receipt, accounting is called supply control

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Logistic management differs from the supply chain in gathering information, processing and analyzing. SCM not only deals with client’s concerns but also forecasts and handle factors affecting both, directly and indirectly, their suppliers and end-users.

For instance, Logistic personnel chooses a set of warehouse also called as stocking points and transportation carriers to deliver and receive goods in desired time at low cost possible. So, technically SCM starts from procuring right goods (raw materials), converting them to efficient finished products and deliver to the required receiver within time. Advanced countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia are outsourcing and re-defining non-core activities to private military companies. One of the outsourcing activities is as discussed below:

·         Repair/ Maintenance outsourcing

Vehicles allocated to ships/establishments present at the MT pool can be repaired by outsourcing to authorized private garages rather than wasting the time of around 06- 09 months in most of the heavy-duty vehicle repairs.


Thus, Logistics in Navy plays a major role in everyday life of a sailor. It is the heartbeat of a force that keeps ticking. From the chefs who provide Nimbu pani to boost the morale of ship’s company to the Logistics officer who co-ordinates and supervises the proper functioning of supplies. Right from the writer to Controller of logistics who takes care of the successful running of logistics in meeting every person’s requirement makes all men in white to feel ship as a home away from home.