How of church and state a ‘falseHow of church and state a ‘false

How Religion Poisons Everything


            I have been asked to write something
of immense importance to me either it being personal, political, or social. The
underlying discomfort I come to terms with when seeing the resolution at hand
is the immense personal credulity some believers of god have and the actions
they take with their unreasonable faiths.

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            Let me ask you a question, is it
moral to believe that your sins and mine can be forgiven by the punishment of
another person? Is it ethical to believe that? I would submit that the doctrine
of vicarious redemption by human sacrifice is utterly immoral. Another question,
if I may, is it morally just to hold The Bible or other texts as supreme
doctrine in government? Something I would agree my heroes of Thomas Jefferson and
Thomas Paine would utterly scoff at if they were ever able to see the president
of The United States himself and his fellow republican compatriots have continuous
disregard and agreement for the removal of the Johnson Amendment- a tax code churches
and other tax-exempt nonprofits from explicitly endorsing political candidates.
In its current form, the bill would effectively defund attempts by the IRS to act
against churches who violate the amendment by engaging in explicit political
action. Do you not find yourself enraged when GOP congressman Jody Hice calls separation
of church and state a ‘false belief’? or when Missouri state representative T.J.
Berry introduces house bill 1424 which inherently restricts the practice of
marriage to people of faith or when President Trump endorses Christianity on religious
Freedom Day? Because I for one am.


man took his concubine and sent her outside to them and they raped her and
abused her throughout the night”



your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to
speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience

Corinthians 14:34)


male shall have the equal of the portion of two females” 



Islam, sexism is mathematically established.

(Quran 4:176)


is an evident fact that religion has absolutely no respect for women which in
turn increases poverty. There is only one cure for world poverty, that has ever
been found or ever will be and its very simple, it’s called the empowerment of
women. Go to Bangladesh or Bolivia give women control of their reproductive cycle
and give them food as well as removing the negative connotations they have with
being the beast of burden or the burden of child bearing, and the floor will
rise, it just will, it never fails.


I have outlined is inherent fact that religion turn perfectly moral people into
immoral, unjust zealots, at best. This is evident again by the atrocities it has
committed in the past such as the crusades or the holocaust. If you find yourself
at skepticism with my claims allow me to highlight some quotes from the leader
of the 3 Reich himself, Adolf Hitler. “We tolerate no one in our ranks who
attacks the ideas of Christianity. Our movement is Christian” – Adolf Hitler
October 27, 1928 “As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated,
but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice” – Adolf Hitler. It
is evident with the moves religion makes today such as the Catholic church. If
you were to claim that the Catholic church is a force for good you would as I believe
are morally wrong. The Catholic Church must simply start a substantial number of
heartfelt apologies and requests for contrition and forgiveness. Now you might
ask “Who am I to say that?” well, in the jubilee millennium year of 2000 the Vatican
spokesman bishop Piero Marini said explaining a whole sermon of apology given
by his holiness the pope. “Given the number of sins we’ve committed in the course
of the twentieth centuries referenced to the most necessarily be rather summary”
I believe bishop Marini had that just about right, I must be summary too. His holiness
on this occasion begged for forgiveness among with some other things – The Crusades,
The Inquisition, the persecution of the Jewish people, injustice towards women
(that’s half of the human race), and the forced conversion of indigenous people,
the African slave trade, the admission of Galileo being right, and for silence
of Hitler’s final salutation. It doesn’t end there are smaller but equally significant
vows of a very bad conscience. These have included regret for the rape and
torture of orphans and other children in churches or schools in almost every
country on earth from Ireland to Australia. These are very serious matters and
are not to be laughed at by references to the occasional work of catholic charities,
but I draw your attention to not just the apologies but to the evasive and euphemistic
form that they take. Pope Benedict made a comment on the industrialization of
rape and torture and malnutrition of children in catholic institutions he said,
“It’s a very severe crisis which involves us in the following – In the need for
applying for these victims the most loving pastoral care.” Well I’m sorry, they’ve
already have had that, and to say that this is the response laid upon you by
the horrific admission you’ve already had to make is not accepting responsibility
in any adult sense. The same euphemism comes in the term some Christians allow
themselves to be deceived in this way and to act against the gospel. Antisemitism
was preached as an official doctrine of the church until 1964. Do you think that
might have something to do with public opinion in Austria and Bavaria and
Poland and Lithuania? There will come a time when the church will issue
apologies, explanations and half-baked appeals for forgiveness it’s still doing.
I think there will be an apology for what happened in Rwanda, the most catholic
country in Africa where priests, nuns, and bishops are on trial inciting on the
pulpits, radio stations, and newspapers the massacre of their brothers and
sisters. Staying in Africa I one day might could see it will be admitted with shame
that it might have been an error to say that aids is bad, but not quite as bad
as condoms, or not as immoral in the same way. Ill say it once more the preaching’s
of the church are responsible the death and suffering and misery of millions


the end of the day I have no problem with religion, but keep it away from me and
others who have no care for it. Good day and thank you.