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How many of you have recently had the flu or felt a little ill? How many were on the beach during the December holidays and tried to run along the sand, only to find you were out of breath just moments after you began? Well I believe that to live life to the fullest it is essential to be as healthy as one can be. Monitoring our health should be one of our top priorities daily. All other facets of our existence will be jeopardized if our health is not up to scratch.An unknown author was once quoted saying, “Health is the most important thing second to air” after all what can one do without it?It is believed according to the website a possible reason why far too many individuals are not as healthy as they should be, is because they simply don’t spend sufficient time on it. Health is easily overlooked in our modern fast paced life styles in favor of perceived more important aspects such as work, school, family and social life. It essential to bear in mind that good health is not only a physical entity but a mental one too.In early 2016, I was informed that achieving my karate black belt was a possibility, however, I was not ready physically nor mentally. Thus, began my journey on the path of improving my physical and mental health.I soon realized that this was to be, one of the most difficult goals I had set myself. Not sure where to begin and what to do as I was used to eating fast food and indulging in unhealthy treats as I pleased, I remembered a quote by Francis of Assisi that read “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”That is how I knew that for this goal to be reached, I had to revolutionize self-worth, my exercise regime but mostly my eating habits.  After all fast food restaurants are our bombs in the game of life, therefore we need to dodge them with all our efforts as if we were ninja in the dark of night, rather embracing the fruits of life on our journey to improvement. This concept of self-improvement was highlighted after a very long and exhausting training session during our karate camp when our sensei passed on some very enlightening information. He read an article that was written in 2016 from the National institution of diabetes which mentioned that roughly 73.7 percent of males, 66.9 percent of females and finally 1 in 6 children between the ages of 2 and 19 presented signs of an unhealthy life style and bad eating habits. According to the world health organization there are over 40 million children under the age of 5 that weigh more than they should. The alarming truth of these statistics is that the possibility of these individuals developing various illnesses is astonishingly high. A few examples could be diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and various cancers. Which sadly leads to premature death.Probably what shocked me the most was to learn that the risk of these health problems begins when an individual is only a tad overweight.As my father always said to me, most of living a good life is about making the right choices and as much as possible try to avoid developing bad habits.I made an about turn and began to follow a healthy eating plan, changed my exercise routine, mentally began to believe more in myself and finally reached my goal last year July. The amazing result of this is that I now know that most things are possible if you put your mind to it. In closing I would like to emphasize, because we all owe it to ourselves, the most basic yet most essential requirement is to live your life healthily. Remembering that the handle on your recliner does not qualify as an exercise machine.

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