How results to assist shoppers instore. ThisHow results to assist shoppers instore. This

How Mobile Search Will help offline Retailers in India


Digital is strong
way for connecting consumers with stores. A proven way to get this done is by
using local inventory advertisements. These advertisements allow suppliers to
provide helpful details such as whether a product is within stock at a close by

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Man people thinks
that digital platform of selling things is now overtaking the local retail
shops. In a recent research has shown that the relation between that physical
retail shops and digital marketing is somehow interconnected. Influence
marketing & foot traffic were the resources of offline retailers before
mobile & digital entered the lifestyles of individuals.


retailers, consider that online marketing is just for E-commerce sites. But,
digital does not only drive e-commerce, it motivates them to visit into local


Connecting offline retailers to mobile users


We’re living
in the world of searching, where people are always searching different kinds of
things. If they would like to purchase things or when they’ve a question, they
turn on their smartphone. Consumers now spend over 15 hours each week exploring
on their smartphone.


Effect of mobile on the shop visit


There has been
a time when people would need to switch on their computers. But now, searches
on the background have dropped since mobile is always in reach. It’s found that
21% of in-store purchasing in India is affected by digital and 18% is affected by
mobile. When you’ve got a physical shop, then mobile search is the new
threshold for your shop.

Mobile search
and advertisements results to assist shoppers instore. This consists of the integration
of local information in their online presence. Now retailers may use their
online presence-, mobile ads, website, apps and search results to assist
shoppers instore.  Geo-targeting content
and advertisements helps retailers connect to buyers who may maintain close
proximity with their store or already there.



Visiting shop after online searching


Most offline
retailers in India are unaware of different mobile advertising techniques that
they believe are just for e-commerce players. It has led them in making
effective use of the internet to provide essential information to the customers.
Whereas, based on study customers are very likely to attend an offline shop
when they locate the shop they are looking for listed in search results. It’s
found that 3 out of 4 shoppers that find local info in search results more
beneficial and more likely to visit shops.

The retailers
will need to understand that consumers shop digitally before visiting the shop
and they should make sure they provide all the information that clients are
searching for online. Therefore, retailers must have the right digital
marketers since this can help to drive additional customers to visit the shops.