Howard this theory, all students process theHoward this theory, all students process the

Gardener’s 28 theory of multiple intelligences is a cognitive model which explains
that each scholars can process information in eight independent processes. According
to this theory, all students process the eight intelligences, but students have
their sole set of developed intellectual strengths and weaknesses that refer to
the profiles of the overall intelligence of the students. As a result, the individual
differences in the learning proces are due to the variations in the specific
profiles of the intelligence which determine how easy or difficult it is to
learn the information when it is presented in a particular way. Variations in
the profile of intelligences among scholars challenge the educational system
when a singular modality of instruction is used and assumes all scholars learn
the same way. Higher education has a multitude of singular instructional designs
that favor linguistic and mathematical intelligences 28 . Multiple intelligence
theory can improve the education environment. Although specific teaching and assessment
strategies are created, three generalizations are made. First, strict devotion to
one teaching method supports one type of intelligence but limits the vast
majority of scholars who do not have that particular profile of intelligence.
Educators should view all intelligences as equally important and needed.
Second, education should engage most, if not all, of the intelligences to facilitate
a deep and transferable understanding of contexts 28.

multiple teaching and scholars assessment strategies stimulates a wide
assortment of intelligences needed to transfer and apply what they learn in the
classroom to new situations. Application-based teaching excites students about
learning and allows the educator to reinforce the same material in a variety of
ways. Third, multiple ways of assessment should be developed to measure student
learning across the intelligences that provide opportunities for students to
demonstrate their competencies in different ways, making assessment more fair
for all types of scholars 29.

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