contain synthetic fragrances derived from petroleum, contain synthetic fragrances derived from petroleum, used: aromatica, buy aromatica, aromatica singapore, aromatica Organic Rose Hip Oil, AROMATICA Organic Aloe Vera GelAromatica: Beauty should be no less than natural and honest Skin care is a necessity and there are a wide range of cosmetics available in the market which tend to deliver results but instead confuses the consumer. This Korean cosmetics brand brings to you a wide range of naturally developed products which helps in achieving a naturally glowing skin in just a few applications. There is a complete collection of skin care, body care, hair care, home care, essential oils and childrens products which cater to the different needs and wants of people. The mission to produce products that people can use safely without worries came into practice in 2004 when the founder, Jerry Kim acquired a permit for cosmetic production business.  He came across the sciences involved in aromatherapy in 1997 when he was studying in Australia. He was startled when he found out that most food products, daily supplies, and cosmetics contain synthetic fragrances derived from petroleum, known for being harmful to the human body. You can buy Aromatics products and be assured of quality as well as the natural ingredients used; the presence of any kind of harsh chemicals in completely prohibited which could prove to be harmful.The state of the at facility and laboratories ensure that the  brand is able to live up to the promises that it has made to the consumers of manufacturing organic cosmetics with completely safe effects unlike the ones available in the market. The perfect combination of herbal and aromatherapy helps the skin heal naturally to its own self without the manipulation of any artificial or strong chemicals that can provide cosmetic changes. The company has received the EWG (Environmental Working Group) verification on its products, which means that they are completely safe to be used and applied. Essential oils like the Aromatica Organic Rose Hip Oil which are extracted naturally from plants provides excellent results to the users and contain no sulphates, phthalates, parabens or artificial fragrances, colours, etc. Genuinely natural cosmetics in Singapore by AromaticaNature contains the secrets to heal your body in the best way and hence these ingredients have been studied by the company’s researchers and analysts for longer periods to ensure their benefits be derived and brought to the users on a larger scale. In fact, the company has been working on the use of natural organic ingredients not only for the users but also for other companies to understand the hidden values and importance these products carry. For instance, the use of the company’s Aromatica Organic Aloe Vera gel is vital for skin as well as hair. Moreover, the verification by EWG, which is an NGO in US, goes on to prove that the products are adequately preserved, free of contaminants and any manufacturing processes. You can check out the wide range of the company’s products on Lazada and place your order which comes with nationwide free shipping and 14 days free returns guarantee.Why choose Aromatica? • The company directly imports the best quality natural ingredients from farmers around the world after undergoing strict evaluation from aromatherapists.. • The first Korean brand to ever be selected as ‘EWG Safe Cosmetic Champion’. • The company strives to minimize waste and energy use produced with fossil fuels and to maximize the recycling rate of resources.