thing you need to determine is thing you need to determine is RIVBOS, buy RIVBOS, RIVBOS Singapore, Rivbos Sports Sunglasses, Rivbos 801 Grey with Myopia ClipProtect your eyes with RIVBOS The value of a pair of sports sunglasses is generally underestimated by many people. They think that sunglasses are only used for protecting eyes from sun glare. But an athlete very well knows that a pair of quality sports sunglasses is a worthy investment as they protect eyes from ultraviolet rays that in turn enhances performance and enjoyment of sports. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to eyes problems like cataract, macular degeneration, photokeratitis, etc., that can further cause temporary vision loss. There are specific types of sunglasses available for specific sports. For instance, if you are a baseball player, you may be at the risk of injuring your eyes with the direct strike of the ball and so the sunglasses manufactured for baseball players are highly durable. If you are looking for highly durable and stylish sunglasses, you can check out the collection of sports sunglasses from RIVBOS in Singapore.Before buying a pair of sunglasses, you should keep in mind some points that will save you from any unnecessary trouble. The first thing you need to determine is the sport for which you need to buy sunglasses. As mentioned earlier, different sports require different types of sunglasses, therefore buy the suitable one accordingly. In addition to the correct type, elements like lens tint, frame shape, etc., should be taken into consideration. To a certain degree, the right tint depends on light conditions of the place where you’ll be wearing the sunglasses. The frame shape is decided based on the shape of the face of the wearer – angular and straight frame are suited for people with round face while curve design frames complement square faces. Some sports sunglasses like Rivbos sports Sunglasses can be fitted with different interchangeable lens, allowing the user to use them for different activities. If you are buying sports sunglasses online, never forget to check the customer reviews and rating section as it gives a rough idea about product quality. Buy RIVBOS products online only at Lazada SingaporeNow stay protected from harmful UV rays and other things that can cause damage to your eyes with Rivbos 801 Grey with Myopia Clip. It comes with a myopia clip that eliminates reflected light and scattered light, making the scenery visible more clearly. Made of high-quality shatterproof PC material, it is durable for long time usage. It is also super light and can be worn during cycling, running, climbing and other outdoor activities. Lazada Singapore offers you a wide range of stylish sunglasses by the brand that comes with different specifications at very reasonable price. The leading online store also offers free nationwide delivery and 14-days return policy on all products.Why choose RIVBOS?• The brand is famous for producing stylish and best quality products.• You get superior protection and comfort with every product.• The products feature unbreakable frame, making them highly durable.• You get accessories along with most of the products.