I agree that students should brought skateboard,I agree that students should brought skateboard,

I agree that students should brought skateboard, scooters, and other coasting devices to campus. We can see a lot of students using skateboard; scooters or other coasting devises at school. Actually base on school rules, police does not allowed students use these devices at school. But I don’t agree with them, I think riding skateboard, scooters and other coasting devices can save a lot times, improve your physical health with exercise and skills, and have another after school activities. First of all, I think all those coasting devices can help students a lot. We have a very big campus, and I think most of the college in the Unite States have large size campus, and also the parking garage is far from school buildings, and students need to walk from garage to buildings, one classroom to another classroom every school day. It is a long distance for them. It takes a lot of time from garage to school building and class to class. If the first classroom is far away from another, we need to run to another classroom and the first class end. I can always see students running in campus, it is dangerous. By accident they can knock into someone in front of them. If students can ride skateboard or scooters, it will be much better. They can go faster than running so they can save a lot of time. All the coasting devices can make students doing some exercise. From the research, all these devices not only create exercise, but also can hone your mental and physical energy. These coasting devices also can also exercise physical coordination, these movements need people who can balance their body well. This can make students have activities after school. Students who use all these coasting devices will play together after school. Some of the college have organization. This organization is for students who like to learn coasting devices and like to play it. So they can meet at park and play together, learn more skills from each other. Also, if new students wants to learn how to play, they have class and some will teach them how to play. This is not only a instrument, it is also a hobbies. Students not only use it for school, they also make the coasting devices to be their hobbies, they like to play it and make more friends who have same hobbies from their organizations. So they have more communications with each other.