I and limited by the individual perspective

I believe that objectivity is not the best way to know the truth the best way to understand the truth about reality. I believe we live our lives and see things in our own way. Everything can not be based on an objective; even when it is, we all see it in a different way. What we see as one thing, could be seen completely different by someone else. You and I could be looking at the same scenario, but gain different perspectives of it based on things such as how we were raised, our environment, and the way that we comprehend different things. My opposition, Historical Materialism is the study of dialectical logic of economic change embedded in historical progress. While I am arguing for Perspectivism, which is the theory that knowledge of a subject is inevitably partial and limited by the individual perspective from which it is viewed; therefor I believe that this is the best way to understand the truth about reality. If something is subjective, it means that it depends on a “subject” for its existence or properties. I believe that Perspectivism is the best way to understand the truth about reality because as a human being, we all experience the world filtered through our own thoughts, emotions, memories, states of mind, perceptions and immediate sensations (smell, taste, sight, hearing, touch). A human being’s understanding of the world is possible only through that one person’s subjective perspective and interpretation. If I have one subjective experience, and you may have another, the objective facts can’t be different depending on who perceives them. If something is objective, then it can’t depend on the person perceiving it for the truth. ┬áTherefore I believe that ┬áthere is no neutral, unmediated, “perspective-free” or “interpretation-free” understanding of reality. As an example, we could say that bottle feeding is better than breastfeeding. From a subjective standpoint, many people can agree, that bottle feeding is better than breastfeeding because it directly gives the baby the nutrients it needs, and the mother does not have to worry about whether she can or can not produce milk for her baby on a physical or emotional level. There are many people who may have other opinions, or see it differently as well. An object is something which is physical, real, and existing independent of our perception of it. A subject, compared to an object, is something or someone who observes reality, which is usually a person. Historical Materialism might be a better way to understand the truth of reality because the world is composed of objects, things, events, etc. that can be measured in time and space. A property is objective if particular objects can have that property regardless of any subject’s opinion about that object. Marx writes, “It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence but their social existence that determines their consciousness” (91). What he means is that even though you believe one thing, that does not make it “true”; but, if we all come together collectively and agree on the same thing it has the potential to be “true.” In terms of the example, we can argue the statement to be breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding. Alongside the positive reinforcement science gives to the idea of breastfeeding, and the generations of women who taught their daughters that breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding, breastfeeding has many more benefits and is healthier for the baby. As women, we trust that our mothers are guiding us in the right path for what is right for our children. A good amount of mothers do believe that breastfeeding is better based on their similar experiences as your mother; alongside the recent studies that support that argument. Objectivity is not the best way to know the truth about reality, but perspectivism is.Based on that example, I believe that there is no one right way to see or do something. As someone who loves children, and was a babysitter for sometime in my life, I believe that there are many different opinions and perspectives about how to raise a child; in which any of the ways are not wrong or right, it just depends on the way that I was raised and the way that I see things personally, which in turn could either be wrong or right. Even though there could be people who say that bottle feeding is better for either the mother and/or the child, breastfeeding can give the child the similar nutrients and build a bond between a mother and her child; or it merely goes against what we have taught our daughters for generations. It could also be the other way around, but based on perspectivism, it all depends on what your perspective is, and how you see the world through your own eyes.

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